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Korinto (カリント Karinto) is a fisherman and the grandfather of Mousse's family. He has at least nine grandchildren.


Piccolo Jr. Saga

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Korinto with his grandchildren

It has been 60 old years that he leaves home at the same time and get back at the same time to get fish. He gets fish every time he goes out and catches enough not only for his family, but also for the neighbors.

Goku met Mousse and his family after Mr. Popo sent him to a forest in search of someone who can train his mind. When Korinto returns with his day's catch, a feast is prepared and the family tells Goku about Yaochun, the strongest man around.

Korinto, so quiet when fishing that he disappears

Korinto leads Goku to Yaochun, but it turns out that Yaochun is not the man Goku wants to meet, as Yaochun was actually quite weak. Goku meets up with Korinto again who teaches him how to fish by feeling the river, sharpening his concentration skills. It would appear that Korinto is the man Goku was supposed to meet in the first place.

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  • Like all the members of Mousse's family, his name is a play on a type of cake: a fried dough cake called "karinto" (花林糖, karintō).

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