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드래곤볼 is the Korean dub of the Dragon Ball anime airing in South Korea.

Dragon Ball

During the 1980s where South Korea still banned the imports of Japanese media, the Korean dub of the Dragon Ball anime first aired on Champ TV and SBS. (Almost) All of the Japanese texts were translated into Korean.

Dragon Ball Z and GT

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Old Dragon Ball Z Korean logo.

The Korean dub of Dragon Ball Z aired on SBS and Champ TV, and other Korean anime channels, first in 1990s to 2000s (from Saiyan Saga to Cell Games Saga) and then Tooniverse in 2000s sometimes (from Other World Saga/Great Saiyaman Saga to Peaceful World Saga). Dragon Ball GT also aired on Tooniverse TV too.

Dragon Ball Z Kai

Dragon Ball Z Kai aired in Champ TV in 2010s. All episodes were broadcast.

Dragon Ball Super

The Korean dub of Dragon Ball Super aired on Tooniverse TV and Champ TV in mid-late 2010s. All episodes were broadcast.


In the 1980s, the Dragon Ball films were dubbed in Korean and released exclusively in VHS. To date, only the first 2 movies were released.

Voice Actors

  • Goku - Young-Nam Park (Child-Champ dub) Soon-Chul Baek (Young- Champ TV and Movies) Su Jin Kang (Tooniverse TV), Kim Hwan Jim (Champ TV dub), Kim Yeoun Seon (Kai and Super)
  • Yamcha - Kim Yeong Seon
  • Piccolo - Jeong-Ho Kim (1st voice), Park Gyuwung (2nd voice), Seung-Uk Jeong (3rd voice)
  • Frieza - Lee Jaemyeong
  • Cell - Seok-Pil Choi
  • Mr. Satan - Yeong-Jun Si


  • The series never aired in North Korea due to the fact that the series never made it there.
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