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The Hunted - Kono 2

Dodoria searches for Gohan, Krillin, and Dende

"Kono Yo De Ichi-Ban Tsuyoi Yatsu" is a background music track (BGM), produced by Toei Animation and composed by prolific Japanese composer, Shunsuke Kikuchi. The track was created for the soundtrack of the original Japanese Dragon Ball Z series.

It played during the Namek Saga and Frieza Saga. It was also used for the The World's Strongest. Most tracks for this movie were unreleased, thus not available on CD format. These tracks stretch through M-901 - M-929. The track matched the motion of Zarbon, Dodoria, Frieza, Captain Ginyu, Guldo, Recoome, Goku, Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta.

The track is confirmed to play during the following scenes:

Kono Yo De Ichi-Ban Tsuyoi Yatsu as BGM

Namek's Defense - Kono

Frieza, Zarbon, and Dodoria interrogate the Namekians

1. "Namek's Defense" - plays when Frieza, Zarbon, and Dodoria are seen interrogating Elder Moori as Frieza moves his tail around, saying that he'll force them to comply if they do not reveal the location of the Dragon Ball in their possession. Moori pretends to speak only Namekian, but Frieza tells him he knows of his ability to speak in his tongue. Krillin and Gohan watch as they are surprised to hear that Frieza is collecting the Dragon Balls. Dodoria says that the other Elders in the Namekian villages were equally stubborn in revealing the location of the balls, but they obliged once they were forced into it. Moori says Frieza is a cold-blooded murderer. Vegeta can be seen listening to this conversation through his scouter.


Frieza threatens to kill the Namekian children

2. "Namek's Defense" - plays after Zarbon eliminates a few Namekians and Gohan becomes enraged. Krillin tells Gohan to be patient no matter what and remain in control of himself. Frieza asks Moori if he's willing to cooperate, while Frieza's soldiers laugh at the Nameks. Frieza admits that he's seeking the Dragon Balls for eternal life. Moori says that he won't give the Dragon Ball under any circumstances and Frieza replies by threatening the lives of the Namekian children, Cargo and Dende. When Gohan hears this, he becomes even more infuriated, which triggers Dodoria's scouter and he turns in the direction of the power surge. Gohan and Krillin duck down in order to remain hidden.

The Hunted - Kono

Dodoria searches for Gohan, Krillin, and Dende

3. "The Hunted" - plays when Krillin, Gohan, and Dende are hiding from Dodoria while the brute circles the skies in search of his prey. Dodoria becomes annoyed while looking around impatiently, waiting to unleash his ferocious wrath against them.

The Prince Fights Back - Kono

Dodoria reveals the secret of planet Vegeta's fate.

4. "The Prince Fights Back" - plays when Dodoria begins to hover, attempting to escape while telling Vegeta the truth behind his planet's destruction. Dodoria reveals that several powerful Saiyans were rising and the collective strength of these warriors might have posed a threat to Frieza's power. Dodoria says that the threat had to be eliminated and Frieza reduced the mighty Saiyan race to rubble with the flick of his finger. Dodoria says that Vegeta should be thankful because he was spared while his planet was eradicated. Dodoria says that he may not have been as lenient but it wasn't his decision to make. Dodoria says that since he's told Vegeta the complete truth and lived up to the end of his bargain, he'll be on his way. However, Vegeta doesn't allow Dodoria to escape, telling him he's not going anywhere.

Unexpected Problem - Kono

Krillin, Gohan, and Dende attempt to remain hidden from Vegeta

5. "Unexpected Problem" - plays when Krillin recognizes Vegeta in the sky while he's hiding and is shocked. Krillin, Gohan, and Dende remain hidden so they are not spotted. Krillin assumes that Vegeta is unaware that they are on Namek, as long as he hasn't learned to sense power levels. Vegeta questions whether he should have destroyed his scouter. Vegeta begins to fly down as he senses a faint signal of strength from Gohan and Krillin. Krillin says that they should at least lure Vegeta away so Dende remains safe. A whale interrupts Vegeta's attempt to spot them by crashing out from the sea, and tricking Vegeta into thinking that the whale was the one who was emitting the faint strength.

Vegeta Has A Ball - Kono

Krillin is frustrated when sensing the slaughter of a Namekian village

6. "Vegeta Has a Ball" - plays as Gohan and Krillin sense that Vegeta is attacking a Namekian village and killing its inhabitants. They stand outside feeling the power levels diminishing. Gohan admits that the Nameks are dying and Krillin confirms that Vegeta is slaughtering them. Bulma says that Vegeta is an animal for his actions. Krillin says that neither Frieza nor Vegeta should be allowed to obtain the Dragon Balls. Bulma says that if they can locate just one of the Dragon Balls and hide it, they can stop them from making a wish. Gohan says that they will still kill every Namekian on the planet until they find the last ball. Krillin says that he doesn't know if even Goku is strong enough to fight the threat of both Vegeta and Frieza.

Vegeta Has A Ball - Kono 2

Frieza with the Dragon Balls he has collected

7. "Vegeta Has a Ball" - plays as Frieza is seen beside his collected Dragon Balls and says that he refuses to stop until he's collected all seven. He says that if Vegeta attempts to steal his balls, it would only spare him the trouble of hunting him down. Frieza lastly states that he can just relax at his ship.


Zarbon and Vegeta talk while in midair

8. "The Past and Future" - plays when Zarbon clashes with Vegeta in midair. Vegeta quickly informs Zarbon that he's disposed of Dodoria and he plans to do the same with him. Zarbon becomes shocked by this revelation and finds it hard to believe. Zarbon tells Vegeta he should know better than to disobey Frieza. Vegeta replies that he's finished following orders and the power of immortality will soon be his once he's acquired all the Dragon Balls. Zarbon says that he's dreaming since Frieza has already collected most of the Dragon Balls and they will likely obtain the rest soon enough. Vegeta says that his powers have improved in more ways than he could ever have imagined. Zarbon says that his abilities still aren't a match for the likes of Frieza. Vegeta says that before Dodoria died, he told him everything about Frieza's fear of the Saiyans, explaining that Frieza must now fear him as well. Zarbon tells Vegeta not to flatter himself, noting that what Frieza feared was a union of the Saiyans and that one alone cannot make a difference. Vegeta then quickly disappears and reappears beside him, swiftly catching Zarbon's punch.


Zarbon warns Vegeta of his dormant power

9. "Zarbon's Surprise" - plays when Zarbon begins to stand up and Vegeta asks him if he's been holding back. Zarbon admits that he's figured it out and Vegeta laughs at him. Zarbon says that he's about to wipe Vegeta's smile right off his face. Zarbon explains that this isn't something he likes to do very often so he should watch closely. He tells Vegeta that beauty is only skin deep. Zarbon says that Vegeta shouldn't spoil the surprise as it's a good one, warning Vegeta of his demonic dormant power and Vegeta doesn't believe him, proceeding to laugh at the gesture. Zarbon remains calm and collected as he tells Vegeta that he will now show him his true power but that Vegeta should consider himself warned.

Frieza Awaits News

Frieza waits impatiently for the acquisition of the Dragon Balls

10. "Guru's Gift" - plays when Frieza is seen hovering in his spaceship. Zarbon arrives and enters Frieza's throne room and tells him that he was unable to locate another Namekian village but succeeded in finding Vegeta.


Zarbon watches Vegeta in the recovery chamber

11. "Piccolo vs. Everyone" - plays when Zarbon enters the recovery room to check on Vegeta's condition and Appule notifies him that the Saiyan isn't doing so well. Zarbon becomes aggravated, telling him that it's important that he recovers in order for them to be able to interrogate him. Frieza is also seen staring out of his ship, saying that he wants the Dragon Ball Vegeta may have hidden.

Unknown Enemies - Kono

Frieza becomes aggravated

12. "Unknown Enemies" - plays when Frieza is seen in his ship once more and is growing impatient waiting for Zarbon to return, saying that he is tired of waiting and that Zarbon should have returned by now. He comes to the conclusion that Zarbon has likely failed him at this point and says that he should have dispatched the Ginyu Force to begin with. Namole, a soldier, fearfully agrees with Frieza, and tells him that the Ginyu Force are making preparations for immediate departure. Frieza says he no longer needs Namole now that the Ginyu Force is coming, quickly eradicating him with a swift blast.

Unknown Enemies - Kono 2

The Ginyu Force departs for Namek

13. "Unknown Enemies" - plays almost immediately after the prior incident. A brief segment of the track can be heard as one of Frieza's districts on another planet is seen with numerous soldiers, and the Ginyu Force is seen departing for planet Namek. Their silhouettes are showcased as they board the space pods with Ginyu symbols and the pods seal shut, preparing them for liftoff.

14. "Hidden Power" - plays when Nail looks to the sky and confirms that there is indeed a deadly force that is approaching planet Namek. Krillin says that they should use the Dragon Balls to give Gohan the strength to battle against them, but Vegeta says that Gohan may have the power, but he is lacking in skill and experience. Krillin says that their entire search would be in vain. Nail says that they'd still have two remaining wishes to make up for this. Gohan and Krillin debate about how this dragon can grant three wishes rather than one. Nail remains silent as Vegeta becomes annoyed of waiting, saying that they're wasting time and that the Ginyu Force will be there any second and they should use the Dragon Balls now. Krillin says that Vegeta isn't giving the orders and asks Nail if he's certain the dragon will give three wishes and Nail agrees. Krillin and Gohan agree to join forces with Vegeta.


In a flashback, Guldo detests Vegeta for attempting to outshine him

15. "New Ally, New Problem" - plays during Guldo's flashback as he remembers how Vegeta mocked him and tried to outshine him in front of Frieza. During the flashback, Guldo tells Vegeta to remember his place and that he makes the rules, stating that the only reason Vegeta's still alive is because Lord Frieza has taken a liking to him. Vegeta tells him that Guldo takes orders from Frieza just as he does, explaining that just because Guldo was placed on the Ginyu Force doesn't mean anything since he'd always be a sniveling, four-eyed freak. Guldo becomes annoyed but Frieza blasts him from behind, sending him sprawling on the ground. This doesn't hurt him... just his honor and his reputation. Frieza appears on his pod, telling Vegeta that it's enough fun and games for one day and that playtime is over. Frieza tells him he has a job for him. Guldo can be seen remaining on the ground, completely aggravated, as Vegeta continues to laugh as he runs after Frieza.

Recoome Unleashed - Kono

Frieza scans planet Namek's resources

16. "Recoome Unleashed" - plays as Frieza is seen inspecting Planet Namek's environmental quality, resources, advancement, and industrial and commercial potential. Frieza admits it's a useless rock and he should blow it up in a glorious display of his power after acquiring all the Dragon Balls. Also, a soldier is seen scanning for other planets in the database in order for Frieza to conquer them.

Let the Battle Begin - Kono

Frieza is surprised when his wish is not granted

17. "Let the Battle Begin" - plays when Frieza and Captain Ginyu stare at the Dragon Balls, waiting for the dragon to appear. Of course, nothing happens since they do not know the password. They contemplate the possibility that the wish may have come true, but Frieza remembers that the Namekians warned him that he would not get his wish since he doesn't have the password.

Let the Battle Begin - Kono 2

Frieza locates Guru's position

18. "Let the Battle Begin" - plays almost immediately after the prior segment. Frieza locates Guru's position using his scouter and Captain Ginyu requests that he should find out everything they need to know about the Dragon Balls. Frieza tells Ginyu to guard the Dragon Balls instead and that he himself will interrogate the surviving Namekians. Frieza dashes in toward Guru's position.

Gokus New Power - Kono

Goku topples Recoome with a single hit

19. "Goku's New Power" - plays as Vegeta attempts to comprehend just how Goku managed to topple Recoome in a single hit. Goku's attack is seen in slow motion as he strikes Recoome in the mid-section of his gut with his elbow, portraying how quickly the painful strike spreads throughout Recoome's body, completely shattering his defense. Vegeta says that he is not deceived by how powerful Goku has become. He is well aware of Goku's capability. With that one blow, Goku has shown his massive strength and Vegeta witnesses how mighty Goku has become.

A Legend Revealed - Kono

Frieza as he rushes to Guru's location

20. "A Legend Revealed" - plays as Frieza is seen rushing through the sky towards Guru's home. Frieza says that this little snag of not knowing the password has merely postponed the inevitable. He admits to himself that he'll just interrogate the Namekians and soon nothing will stand in his way of obtaining his wish.

Frieza Approaches - Kono

Captain Ginyu is amazed at Goku's strength

21. "Frieza Approaches" - plays as Goku charges his power, completely astonishing Captain Ginyu and Jeice. Goku continues to charge, erupting with massive energy and emitting a large power reading of 140,000. Captain Ginyu doesn't want to accept this and angrily flies into the Namekian sea. Goku says that Ginyu must be having a nervous breakdown and Jeice says that Ginyu's just cooling off. Ginyu then proceeds to throw a large rock at Goku, which explodes upon reaching Goku's surging body, now at a maximum of 180,000.

Frieza Approaches - Kono 2

Frieza nearly reaches Guru's position

22. "Frieza Approaches" - plays as Frieza is seen flying through the sky with rapid force. He then sees Guru's home and is quickly approaching it's location as Nail, Dende, and Guru prepare for this deadly adversary. Guru tells Dende he has a gift for him and proceeds to unlock Dende's potential.

Frieza Approaches - Kono 3

Frieza arrives at Guru's location

23. "Frieza Approaches" - plays as Frieza is seen zooming through the sky and Dende quickly passes him, looking back at the tyrant. Frieza dismisses him, noting that he's just a brat. Nail says that he feels Frieza's presence nearing them as he arrives at their location, laughing and asking if there's anyone there. Nail comes out and steps in front of him.

Password is Porunga - Kono

Frieza is furious after receiving no response from the Ginyu Force

24. "Password is Porunga" - plays as Frieza is dashing in the sky attempting to contact the fallen Ginyu squadron members. Frieza finds it hard to believe that the entire force could have been wiped out just by the combined might of Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin. He attempts to get a response on his scouter but receives nothing. Frieza screams, saying that the Ginyu Force better not have failed him because only he must be allowed to make a wish.

Fighting power one million - kono

Frieza sits in King Vegeta's throne room chair

25. "Fighting Power: One Million??" - plays as Frieza is seen entering King Vegeta's throne room, telling him that he's such a brute and being sarcastic. Frieza sits in King Vegeta's throne room and asks if he can have his son. King Vegeta complies with Frieza's demands as Frieza also says that he needs to be informed with the progress on planet Tazba. Frieza gets up, telling King Vegeta he should try to be more lenient with his subjects and walks away. King Vegeta and Zorn argue about whether they should strike against Frieza or wait for the right opportunity. King Vegeta says that they'll have their day.

Gohan Attacks - Kono

Frieza reveals he is unharmed

26. "Gohan Attacks" - plays as Frieza is seen on the ground. Gohan and Vegeta are amazed that he isn't harmed at all even after Gohan's relentless attack. Frieza just stands up and tells them they never stood a chance against him. Vegeta asks Gohan what they should do now. Frieza begins laughing as the ground shakes and Gohan is left in amazement. The debris around Frieza begins to shake as Frieza admits he will return the pain that they have caused him ten-fold.

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