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Konkichi (コンキチ Konkichi) is a filler character in the Dragon Ball anime. He is a troublemaking fox that Goku rescued in a forest near Yahhoy.


Konkichi's whole body is covered in green fur, with the exception for his mouth and the inside of his ears, which are tan, and the tip of his tail, which is bright yellow. He has a small tuft of hair sticking out from his forehead. His eyes are almost always closed. His outfit consists of an orange T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of white tennis shoes.


Dragon Ball[]

Fortuneteller Baba Saga[]



Konkichi treats Goku like a close friend after he saves his life from three thugs and refers to Goku as "brother." Unknown to Goku, Konkichi is a thief. He tries to steal Goku a plane ticket to Papaya Island but relents and decides to go to a carnival to earn some money instead. While successful in earning money for Goku's plane ticket, he and Goku unexpectedly bump into Fortuneteller Baba, who is aware of Konkichi's actions. Konkichi runs off when he realizes that Baba is aware of his bad deeds but is caught by the thugs from before.


Konkichi robs a bank

The thugs force Konkichi to take the fall for a bank robbery while they make a clean getaway. Goku soon finds out the truth about Konkichi, who was on the run from the three guys who threatened to beat him up before because he owes them money. Upon explaining to Goku he has changed and is no longer a thief, Goku apprehends those responsible for framing him for the bank robbery. Konkichi then decides to turn his life around and become a teacher.

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  • The name spelled out as kon-ki-chi translates to "root-tree-earth, soil, the ground", a reference to all things pertaining to plants that are usually green, hence, his color.
  • Konkichi drives an old-fashioned Mini.
  • The "shotgun" he uses to rob the bank is actually a scaled-down Springfield M1903A4 bolt-action rifle with what appears to be a small scope attached to it.
  • In the dub, Konkichi makes frequent references to wanting to become a teacher.
  • A character who appears to be Konkichi, but tailless, can be seen in the background of the episode "The Dodon Wave".
  • Konkichi, or his reused character design, can be seen in Wukong Hospital in one episode of the Namek Saga.
  • He seems to be based on Donbe, a fox who is first seen in Dr. Slump.