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The Konatsian Wizard is an unnamed powerful Konatsian who cleaved Hirudegarn in two during the final battle of the Hirudegarn war. He was only seen in Tapion's flashback during Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon. The original Japanese version of the film refers to this Konatsian as a Priest rather than a wizard, and he is referred to as God in Daizenshuu 6.



Konatsian wizard

The Konatsian wizard launches his assault on Hirudegarn

After finding an enchanted sword and two magical ocarinas, the wizard came up with a plan to finally stop Hirudegarn from completely killing off the population of Konats. He gave the ocarinas to Tapion and Minotia, who played them while he took upon the powerful enchanted blade. With the monster distracted, the wizard rushed in and sliced Hirudegarn in two. He then proceeded to use his magic to seal the two halves of Hirudegarn into Tapion and Minotia. Later, after a decision by the Konatsian war council, Tapion and Minotia were sealed into special music boxes and sent into the far reaches of space, thus one-thousand years later, sparking the events of Wrath of the Dragon.

Techniques and Special Abilities[]


  • Brave Sword - An enchanted sword.
  • Music Boxes - Two enhanced music boxes which Tapion & Minotia were sealed within to contain the halves of Hirudegarn he sealed inside of them. Like the Hero's Flutes, the music boxes can play a melody to weaken Hirudegarn. To ensure Hirudegarn would remain contained, he scattered the music boxes though unfortunately Hoi was able to track both of them down. While Hoi was able to open Minotia's music box relatively easily via unrevealed meads, Tapion's music box apparently had a stronger enchantment as the Kashvar resorted to tricking the Dragon Team into opening it via a wish to Shenron.


  • Konatsian Wizard vs. Hirudegarn (Hirudegarn (Pre-Transformation))

Voice Actors[]


  • In Daizenshuu 6, he is referred to as Kami (God) indicating he is the Guardian of Konats. This would make Konats one of the few planets other than Earth said to have a Guardian.
  • He has no voiced utterances in the original version of Tapion’s flashback, but the English dub gives him a battle cry.


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