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Konats (コナッツ星 Konattsu-sei) is a planet in the South Area that is home to the Konatsians, including the two warrior brothers Tapion and Minotia. The name of this planet is a pun on coconuts.


About one thousand years before the events of Dragon Ball Z, Konats was attacked by Hirudegarn,[1] a monster once thought to have been killed by "ancient" Konatsians, sparking a war on the planet.

Video Game Appearances

Planet Konats appears as a stage in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it is the setting for the final trio of battles in the Ultimate Hirudegarn Saga against Hoi, Bibidi, Babidi and Hirudegarn.


  • Konats' name comes from the word "coconut".
  • Hirudegarn's profile in Dragon Ball Fusions states that Hirudegarn destroyed Konats, though this is incompatible with the backstory presented in Wrath of the Dragon.
    • However it could simply be referring to the destruction he caused to the planet and civilization before being sealed.