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Kinoko Sarada (皿田きのこ Sarada Kinoko) is a toddler who lives in Penguin Village. She spends her days riding her tricycle and laughing at others for not keeping up with fashion.


Kinoko is a small, chubby, presumably a 2 or 3 year old girl with a short black bob haircut with a ribbon on each side, and simple, flesh-colored eyes. She wears a yellow bib-like apron over a red romper suit, and a pair of red Wellington boots. In Dragon Ball, she wears yellow ribbons in her hair, a pair of pink sunglasses, a green apron over a red romper suit, and the same red boots as she wears in Dr. Slump. In Dragon Ball Super, Kinoko is seen wearing a single red ribon in her hair, the same sunglasses as she wears in Dragon Ball, a red dress, dark blue socks, and red high heels many sizes too large for her feet.


Kinoko is a fashionable, but rude, vain, haughty, and insensitive girl who often spends all day laughing at those who are not keeping up with fashion. She also appears to harbor a dislike towards Arale.


Dr. Slump[]


Kinoko Sarada in Dr. Slump

Normally highly intolerant of Arale, Kinoko Sarada still follows her from time to time due to being jealous of the many friends Arale has and her strength.

Dragon Ball[]

General Blue Saga[]

Kinoko Sarada is seen riding her little bike. She sees Goku chasing General Blue. She is later seen again when Goku asks her if she has seen General Blue.

Dragon Ball Super[]

"Future" Trunks Saga[]

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Other Media[]

Dr. Slump remake[]


Kinoko Sarada in the Dr. Slump remake

In the 1997 Dr. Slump remake, Kinoko's clothes and both her ribbons are different colors than the original. In the first episode, she is seen in her house when Arale destroyed it by running into.

Live-action commercial[]


Live-action version of Kinoko

Kinoko appears in a live-action Dr. Slump themed commercial for GU clothing on her bike next to Akane Kimidori and underneath Gatchan who is flying.

Video Game Appearances[]

Voice Actors[]


  • Her Japanese name, Kinoko Sarada, literally translates to "Mushroom Salad" in English. Also, her house is shaped like a mushroom, referencing her first name.
  • Kinoko's blood type is A.[1]



  1. Dr. Slump chapter 27, "Kids Gone Wild"

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