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King Nikochan's servant (ニコチャン家来 Nikochan Kerai) is the loyal, helpful servant of King Nikochan.


Dr. Slump[]

Though he is a major recurring character in Dr. Slump, he is unnamed. He appears to be much smarter than King Nikochan and he always follows his master's orders.

Pola & Roid[]


The Nikos in Pola & Roid

In Pola & Roid, the servant and King Nikochan attack Pola and Roid while the two heroes are traveling to Earth. The main female character, Pola, scares them off by dressing up as Arale Norimaki (an idea that came from Roid, who read Dr. Slump).

Dragon Ball[]


The servant and King Nikochan as nurses in the Dr. Slump remake

King Nikochan and the servant are seen in Penguin Village, picking up trash which Nikochan mistakes for treasure. Later on, the servant tells King Nikochan that the police are coming, so the two get in their U.F.O that they finally fixed. They then plan to kill the police and rule Penguin Village, but the police destroy their ship for good, stranding them forever.

Dragon Ball Super[]

Arale passes by him and King Nikochan while she is running home.

Other Media[]

Dr. Slump remake[]

In the Dr. Slump remake, Ninja Murasaki recruits the servant and King Nikochan in the Red Ribbon Army to help him get the Dragon Balls from Goku. The two quit after their failure.

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