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"Enough! Take Greger to the Pit! Lesoy is the new champion!"
— "Trouble on Arlia"

King Moai (モアイ王 Moai-ō) is a filler character in Dragon Ball Z. He is the king of Arlia after he won the War of Planet Arlia.


He is a cruel and ruthless dictator who imprisoned Atla and all the good Arlians, and held battles between his guards for entertainment, in which the loser would be fed to the giant Arlian Yetti who resided in his palace's pit.

Once his guards were killed by the Saiyans' overwhelming power, Moai panicked and upon Yetti's demise, his cowardice came out in full as he desperately hid behind his own throne.


Moai steals Atla's wife, Lemlia, from him to have as his queen. After Lesoy defeats Greger, Moai orders the latter to be executed by being fed to Yetti, while ignoring Greger's pleas. As Yetti devours Greger, Moai claims that he is bored, and becomes interested when one of his soldiers reveals that Vegeta and Nappa have arrived on Arlia and are captured. Moai orders to have the Saiyans to be brought to him, believing they will make good pets, but to his surprise, they escape prison and kill all the guards there. He then orders Lesoy to fight against the two, promising them that if they win, they retire as rich men, though he doubts that they stand a chance, but does it simply to find entertainment. Vegeta kills Lesoy instantly, and Moai refuses to keep his words of giving them the planet and all of the Arlians' lives, as they demanded, and instead angrily orders his guards to kill the two Saiyans as punishment for their insolence; he became even more enraged when Vegeta revealed that they allowed themselves to be captured to they could walk up to Moai to overthrow him. Nappa uses his Volcano Explosion to wipe them all out, and Moai, desperate and shocked, releases Yetti from the Pit, ordering the mighty Arlian to kill both Vegeta and Nappa. Moai becomes overconfident with Yetti's mightiness, which leads him to become horrified when Nappa tears off one of Yetti's fingers and easily vaporizes him completely with a Bomber DX. He runs away screaming in terror and hides behind his throne, but Vegeta shoots a rock at him through his heart, killing the tyrant Arlian king once and for all.

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