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King Furry, known as the King (国王 Koku-Ō) in the Japanese version, is an anthropomorphic dog who is the current King of Earth during the Dragon Ball series. He assumed his position in Age 733. The king is described as a splendid person,[3] and is one of the few citizens of Earth who knows that Goku is the planet's true hero rather than Mr. Satan.



King Furry was originally a Human-type Earthling, however during the time when Animorphaline was popular, King Furry took some and became a beastman.[2] However, in the anime it is implied that dogs have been the Kings of Earth for a while, as portraits of past dog kings are seen behind King Furry at one point.[4]

Dragon Ball[]

King Piccolo Saga[]

Though he is a politically important person in the Dragon Ball universe, he is of little significance to the storyline until the King Piccolo Saga, when King Piccolo goes to King Castle in Central City and temporarily usurps his throne.


King Furry confronted by King Piccolo

Just before King Piccolo began his new rampage, King Furry was waiting for a celebration for himself where several people from all over Dragon World would give him gifts for his great services. Unfortunately, he is confronted by King Piccolo and Piano, who take over Furry's kingship when Piccolo displays his power. After King Piccolo's defeat, Furry attempts to award Goku a Blue Star Medal for his heroic battle, but Goku leaves for The Lookout before he can do so.

Piccolo Jr. Saga[]

After Piccolo reveals his true identity to the World Martial Arts Tournament viewers, King Furry receives the report about that King Piccolo's son threatens to conquer the world and he worries about that.

Dragon Ball Z[]

Cell Saga[]


King Furry in Dragon Ball Z

King Furry first appears on TV announcing royal military is preparing to attack Cell and then again shortly afterwards to announce that they had failed. Later, while watching the broadcast of the Cell Games, he recognizes Goku as the same boy who once defeated King Piccolo, remarking in the process on the current Piccolo's resemblance to the former Demon King. He is shown being asked if the military forces of Earth should attack Cell. He decides against it, knowing that Goku is the only one strong enough to defeat Cell. In his final appearance, after Jimmy Firecracker announces that Mr. Satan has defeated Cell, he voices his doubts and that it must have really been someone like Goku who must have come along to save everyone.

Buu Saga[]

King Furry is killed, along with the rest of Earth's population, when Super Buu unleashes his Human Extinction Attack. He was revived by Porunga along with everybody else killed by Buu and contributed to Goku's Super Spirit Bomb to defeat Kid Buu.

Dragon Ball GT[]

Baby Saga[]


King Furry in Dragon Ball GT

King Furry is seen helping spread word of Earth's impending destruction due to the Black Star Dragon Balls.

Shadow Dragon Saga[]

He appears in the last few episodes of the saga, wherein he is killed along with most of the people of Earth when Omega Shenron attacks. He is later revived by Shenron.

Other Dragon Ball Stories[]

The Breakers[]

Episode 2

King Furry gets sucked into a Temporal Seam with Chi-Chi (pre-marriage), Yajirobe (Saiyan Saga), the Survivor, Xiaon, and Nallej along with the Saiyans Raiders, Nappa & Vegeta (post-Raditz Saga). Teaming up with Chi-Chi, the pair rescue the Survivor from Saibamen that Nappa planted and escape to different area. While hiding, Furry and Chi-Chi introduces themselves to the Survivor and learn the situation from Future Trunks. As King Furry, Chi-Chi, and the Survivor search for a Power Key to activate the Super Time Machine, Vegeta and Nappa start hunting for them. After both teams manage to activate the Super Time Machine with two keys, Vegeta turns into a Great Ape and destroys the Startup System. Furry summons Royal Army to attack Great Ape Vegeta and escapes with the others to the nearby Escape Time Machine piloted by Nallej. Upon arriving at the base, Furry learns the situation from Future Trunks.

Video Game Appearances[]

In The Breakers, King Furry appears as an NPC & as a playable skin for the game's custom Earthling "Survivor".

Voice Actors[]


  • It is possible that one of King Furry's ancestors used the Dragon Balls to wish for royalty, as it was stated a few times in Dragon Ball that the first person to use the Dragon Balls wished to become the king; this may also explain why Earth is ruled by a single person.
  • In the 172nd episode of Dragon Ball Z, King Furry recites a quote by U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."



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