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"King Chappa" (予選サバイバルその2 Yosen Sabaibaru Sono Ni, lit. "Surviving the Preliminaries, Part Two") is the one hundred fifteenth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku ready to fight King Chappa, and Yamcha talking to Jackie Chun.



Jackie Chun defeats his opponent (Shaman and Saber Tiger in the background)

Apparently, Jackie Chun has heard of King Chappa and thinks this will be a troublesome match for Goku, even if it is his first. Goku flies at Chappa and punches him in the face, but it does not knock Chappa down. Yamcha says it is gotten serious, and Jackie says Chappa is going to use Eight-Arm Fist. Yamcha has heard of that, apparently the user moves so fast that it looks as if they have eight arms. Chappa comes at Goku using this attack, but Goku manages to dodge all of this blows. Goku then sweep kicks Chappa off his feet. Chappa swings at Goku, but misses because Goku jumps up in the air. Goku kicks off the ceiling and dives down at Chappa, then kicks him and knocks him off the platform. The official says it is #28's win.


Yamcha and Krillin (Shaman shown in the background)

Yamcha and Jackie can not believe how easily Goku defeated King Chappa, and Goku wants to see how strong they have all gotten over the years. It is Jackie Chun's turn, and he knocks out a bear fighter for the victory. Yamcha says he has improved since last time, and thinks that this World Martial Arts Tournament has gotten even more amazing than the last one.

The preliminaries continue with the three Turtle School students making it into the final eight, along with Jackie Chun. The three of them run outside to greet the others, and Bulma congratulates them. Kuririn asks where Master Roshi is, and Bulma says he is probably off being a pervert in this crowd. As he shows up, Roshi says "Who'd you say was a pervert!?", and he then compliments his students work in the preliminaries. Then, the PA system calls the finalists back, and so they leave. Oolong says they will not have a problem seeing everything with Launch (bad) around. Launch than starts firing off her pistol to clear a path through the crowd.






Like in the previous chapter, "The Qualifying Rounds", the Dragon Quest monsters Shaman and Saber tiger appear as contestants in the preliminaries of the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. Those monsters were designed by Akira Toriyama, and are originally from Dragon Quest II (1987).


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