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Killquick (瞬魔烈殺 Shunmaressatsu, lit. "Instant Demon Furious Kill") is a rush attack for Gohan in the Budokai series.


First, Gohan kicks the opponent up in the air with a backflip. Then, he does a knifehand strike on the opponent, knees them, and finally kicks them down to the ground, inflicting a good amount of damage.

It is very likely that Piccolo taught this technique to Gohan, as he has an attack called Instant Killquick (速激魔撃弾 Sokugekimagekidan, lit. "Swift Violent Demon Attack Bullet") with the only difference between the two techniques being that the Instant Killquick is stronger than the Killquick. Gohan also uses the Instant Killquick as a teen and the similar Justice Finisher (ジャスティスフィニシング Jasutisu Finishingu, lit. "Justice Finishing") as Great Saiyaman.

Video Game Appearances[]

Techniques similar appear under different names and are used by other playable characters in the Budokai games: the Zanku Fist, Yamcha's Wolf Slice Fist, Tien Shinhan's Jackhammer Fist Flash, Raditz's Exciting Year, Nappa's Giant Attack, Recoome's Recoome Buster Magnum, Captain Ginyu's Ginyu Strike, Frieza's Frieza Nightmare, Android 20's and Android 19's Power Break, Android 18's and Android 17's Power Strike, Android 16's Devil Crush, Mr. Satan's Hercule Critical Attack, Cell's Ultimate Attack, Videl's Leopard Shoot, Trunks' Blast Attack, Gotenks' Ultra Missile Parfait, Dabura's Hell Blow Shoot, Innocent Buu's Innocence Strike, Super Buu's Vice Break, Kid Buu's Crazy Smash, Gokule's Super Finish Gokule Attk/Gokule Critical Attack, and Tiencha's Sirius Hammerfist.