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Killer Machine Gun (キラーマシンガン) is a technique used by Pirate Robot.


Pirate Robot performs this technique by slowly charging its gun's power as it raises the arm in preparation for the attack.


It uses this technique against Goku and Krillin while attempting to protect some pirate treasure in Pirate Cave.

Video Game Appearances

Pirate Robot attacks Krillin with Killer Machine Gun.

It appears in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it originally gets its name, as Pirate Robot's special attack.

It also appears as the Super Attack of Pirate in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. It causes huge damage to the opponent.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the three Skull Robo Types and their variants are equipped with two arm mounted Killer Machine Guns that can fire laser blasts and Missiles. Additionally RR Mech Soldiers and their variants are also equipped with two arm mounted Killer Machine Guns which function identical to those utilized by the Skull Robo, though they are also capable of emitting Energy Blades and can fire a concentrated Beam Cannon capable of clashing other energy waves.


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