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Kikono (キコノ Kikono) is one of the Frieza Force's top scientists.


Kikono is a short, diminutive, yellow alien. He has a relatively big head with two antenna on top. He wears a variant of the latest model of Frieza Force Battle Armor. His armor has green shoulder plates, and a green stomach plate. The rest of his armor is black. Under his armor he has a dark green robe that covers his entire lower body.


He has some respect for the Saiyan's potential as fighters, but doesn't believe in the Super Saiyan legends. Also like most of his colleagues, he is absolutely terrified by Frieza. Having served the Frieza Force since the time of King Cold as one of their main scientists, it can be shown that Kikono is an extremely intelligent individual. As noted by the fact that he was confided in the secret of Frieza's growth wish, along that he is regularly seen close to Frieza himself, that Kikono is one of Frieza's most trusted men.



Kikono has served the Frieza Force since King Cold's time, he is a brilliant scientist who invented scouters, the Frieza Force spaceships and Battle Armor.[1]

Dragon Ball Minus

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Plant in DBM

Kikono in Dragon Ball Minus

Kikono accompanies Frieza, and discusses with him on their way to Planet Vegeta about the threats that the Saiyans' pride can pose to the Frieza Force, and the possibility that there may be a warrior as strong as described in their legends of the Super Saiyan or the Super Saiyan God among them. In the end of their conversation, Frieza has decided to wipe out the Saiyan race.[2]

Dragon Ball Super

Broly Saga

Main article: Broly Saga In the manga, Kikono and Berryblue meet with Frieza, who has revived again, on their home base.

Film Appearances


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  • Bardock's Spaceship - A small, round ship owned by Bardock that he uses for means of transportation.
  • Battle Armor - A standard-issue combat attire currently mandatory throughout the Frieza Force.
  • Cooler's Spaceship - A large ship that Cooler uses for transportation.
  • Frieza's Spaceship - A large, round ship owned by Frieza that he uses for means of transportation and base of operations.
  • King Cold's Spaceship - A large, round ship used for transportation by King Cold.
  • Scouter - A wearable, all-purpose computer.
  • Sorbet's Spaceship - A large, round ship used for transportation by Sorbet until Frieza's revival.
  • Transport Ship - A ship used for means of transportation.

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