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Ki Blasts (気砲 Kihō, lit. "Spirit Gun") are formed and discharged portions of ki, which are frequently used in the Dragon Ball franchise for fighting. Depending on their usage and power of the user, these discharges can be destructive and can even cause cataclysmic damage depending on the ability and power of the person using them, ranging from mountains, cities, continents, planets. The most frequently and iconic referenced Ki Blast in the series is the Kamehameha, as it is Goku's favorite finishing move.


Krillin fires a Ki Blast

This technique has made appearances in almost every video game spun off by the series, particularly in the Butōden series, Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors, Legacy of Goku series, Supersonic Warriors series, Budokai series, and Budokai Tenkaichi series, where it is the most basic and common form of energy wave

List of Energy Attacks


Frieza fires an energy beam

Beam Blades

Ki Slash

Beam Waves

Goku and Vegeta firing Energy Waves

Tien fires a ki blast while flying

Explosive Waves (Ground Zero Explosion)

Self-destruction (Kamikaze/suicide)


Ki Blasts

Vegeta fires his fiery Shine Shot at Goku

Blaster Bursts

Explosive Impact

Vegeta fires energy blasts at Perfect Cell

Ki Explosion

Ki Breath

Continuous/Rapid Fire Blasts

Future Trunks fires Ki Blasts


Tien fires an energy blast in Bojack Unbound


Roshi's small ki blast to save Vegeta from Evil Containment Wave used by Frost

Death Balls (Planet Destroyers)

Yamcha fires a Ki Blast

Spirit Bombs

Other Ki Forms (Beings/Objects)



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