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Katsuyuki Konishi

Katsuyuki Konishi (小西 克幸, Konishi Katsuyuki; born on April 21, 1973) is a voice actor from Wakayama, Wakayama Prefecture. He is currently affiliated with Ken Production.

He voiced Captain Ginyu in Dragon Ball Kai.

He is also known for voicing Ishida Toraji from Bamboo Blade, Tatsumi Oga from Beelzebub, Asano Keigo and Hisagi Shuuhei from Bleach, America and Canada from Hetalia: Axis Powers, Jonathan Joestar from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Kinagase Tsumugu from Kill la Kill, Amidamaru from Shaman King, Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Laxus Dreyar in Fairy Tail, and Kenji Kazama from D-Frag!

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