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Katana Kōgeki (カタナこうげき), also known as Sword Attack (刀攻撃), is a technique used by Ginger and Nicky in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone.


The user attacks his opponent with a weapon he pulled out from one of his limbs.


In Dragon Ball GT, Ledgic used it to produce two swords and a spear in his fight against Goku.

Film Appearances[]


Ginger with his two swords

In Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone, Ginger and Nicky use this technique at Garlic Castle to fight Goku. When the fight carried to the fortress exterior, Ginger pulled a pair of scimitars out from his arms (2 Hon no Ken) while Nicky pulled a longsword out of his leg (Kyodai no Ken) in order to use it in combat. Despite this, Goku used his Power Pole to knock Nicky into a nearby tower and relieved Ginger of his swords.


  • Internal Weapon (Two Swords): Ginger's variant of the technique. The user strains hard in order to produce two swords from out of their arms. The swords have wide blades, and are similar to Azure Dragon Swords.
  • Internal Weapon (Giant Sword): Nikki's variant of the technique. The user grabs the horn like object at their thigh and brings forth a giant sword almost the size of their body.

Video Game Appearances[]

The technique was named Katana Kōgeki in Dragon Ball Z: Kyōshū! Saiyan.



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