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Karinga Tribe is the tribe that Bora and Upa belong to and their people are the Guardians of the Sacred Land of Korin and Korin Tower.

Video Game Appearances

The Karinga Tribe appear in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, where others are revealed to have joined the tribe following the traditions and teachings of Bora and his son Upa.

Bora Type in DBO

The Karinga Tribe in Dragon Ball: Online

The Karinga Tribe also appears in Dragon Ball Online, with many of them living in a village in the Sacred Land of Korin known as Korin Village.

By the time of Dragon Ball Online, two stories are passed down in the Karinga Tribe: the "Axe Rock" and the "Spear Tree, the Memory of a Hero".

The Axe Rock is a symbol of pride among the Karinga tribe; it represents the achievements of their forefather, Iko. Long ago, before the Karinga tribe settled down in Karin Forest, a mammoth Animal-type Earthling called Mothman lived there. The one who defeated that mammoth Animal-type Earthling was the Karinga clan's ancestor, Iko. At that point, all that was left as proof of Mothman's defeat is the giant axe in the Axe Rock.

Long ago, when the Red Ribbon Army invaded Karin Forest and attacked the Karinga tribe, the hero Upa's father, Bora, threw a spear towards the army. That spear tore through the soldiers before finally piercing a very thick tree. The Spear Tree is where that legend is celebrated.

The "Legend of the Axe Rock" reveals the existence and name of the Karinga Tribe's ancestor, Iko. The "Legend of the Spear Tree" tells of Bora's heroic actions against the invading Red Ribbon Army.

DBXV Female Future Warrior Karinga Tribe Clothes 403805311 preview

Female Future Warrior wearing the Karinga Tribe Clothes in Xenoverse

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, there is a Karinga Tribe Costume for the Future Warrior to wear, which can be purchased at the Clothing Shop. Though this outfit can be worn by the Future Warrior regardless of gender, its appearance and design changes based on the Warrior's gender. A male Future Warrior's Karinga Tribe outfit will resemble Bora's shirtless outfit, while females wear a Karinga outfit that unlike the male version has a shirt. The only common trait between them is a necklace that appears as part of the outfit's upper body portion.


  • The members of the Karinga Tribe style of dress and culture greatly resembles that of the Native Americans, indicating they may be the Dragon World equivalent of them.