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"Karin's Quandary" (カリン様もなやむ Karin-sama mo Nayamu, lit. "Even Karin-sama is Worried") is the one hundred fiftieth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features a picture of a sick Akira Toriyama sitting down with an inkwell, some manga pages, and a cup of honey ginger tea. His cat Koge sits in front of him. The text around him tells that he had the flu when he wrote the chapter and was unable to draw a cover page. The text near his cat also reveals that Korin was inspired by Koge's sleeping face.


Having landed on King Furry's hovercar, King Piccolo says that he will become the new king of the world. The Captain of the Guard tries to resist by shooting Piccolo, but it has no effect. Piccolo grabs him by the head. When King Furry tells him to let the Captain go, Piccolo complies by dropping him over the edge of the hovercar. Piccolo then tells Furry to announce to the world that he is their new king, but Furry refuses.

King Piccolo wipes out a city

King Piccolo then levels a large portion of Central City with a single blast, in an effort to force King Furry to cooperate. King Furry is shocked, and relents after Piccolo threatens more destruction. Meanwhile, Yajirobe and Goku have reached the top of Korin Tower. Korin is surprised that Yajirobe could carry Goku up, and Yajirobe is surprised that Korin is a cat. Goku begins to tell Korin what happened with Piccolo, but Korin already knows, and asks why Goku has come. Goku says that he wants to take down Piccolo, and Korin offers him a Senzu Bean to heal. Yajirobe, hungry, grabs a handful of the beans and eats them, causing his stomach to become enormously bloated.

While Yajirobe lies incapacitated, Goku asks Korin to train him again. However, Korin says that Goku is now stronger than he is, and that he has nothing more to teach him. He also says that it is impossible to defeat King Piccolo. Goku angrily refuses to believe this and is ready to leave the tower to go after Piccolo again. Just as Goku is about to leave, Korin asks him if he wants to drink the Ultra Divine Water.





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