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Kane (カイン Kain) is one of the villains of Jump Force.[2]


Kane is a tall, muscular bald humanoid being with blue skin and purple eyes, and has red markings on his scalp and around his eyes. He wears a black suit with gold armor pieces over his body, with his most notable feature being the insect-like shell pieces hanging from the back of his chest armour. He also wears olive green military-esque gloves and boots.


His quote revealed in trailers and V-Jump appears to paint him as some sort of messianic figure who wishes to save the world by destroying and rebuilding it from its ashes. 


Kane served as the primary antagonist of Jump Force in its story mode. He is the leader of a group of villains called the Venoms who were the J-Force's main adversaries in the story.


  • Onyx Book

Video Game Appearances

Voice Actors

  • Japanese: Yasumoto Hiroki




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