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Kamin (カミン)[2] is an artificial lifeform[3] from Universe 6,[4] and the twin of Oren. She is a member of the Core Area Warriors and one of the main antagonists of the Universal Conflict Saga.


Kamin has the appearance of a Neo Machine Mutant Tuffle. She appears to be a young teenager. Kamin is short stature and has a very slender build. Kamin's hair is white and chin-length. Her eyes are blue and her outfit is a red jacket and a black jumpsuit with golden stripes on her waist and two moon shapes in the middle on her chest and belly button area inside a blue vertical line, and grey armbands and legbands.


Kamin is a violent individual. Like her brother, she appears to have a lot of fun during her battles, wanting to fight against strong opponents.

In the manga, she is disappointed to discover her brother is having trouble with Vegeta to the point she forcefully parasitizes him in order to become Kamioren.



Kamin and Oren were created by the Tuffles of Universe 6 to be the ultimate artificial beings, however they were too strong and so the mortals tried to destroy them. Oren and Kamin were enraged by this and so decided to wipe them out.

They were eventually imprisoned in the Prison Planet's Core Area where they met and allied with the other warriors there.

Dragon Ball Heroes

Prison Planet Saga

Main article: Prison Planet Saga

Kamin and her allies appear

Kamin along with the other members of the Core Area Warriors make an appearance after the chains surrounding the Prison Planet have broken and the planet is on the verge of destruction. After Fused Zamasu retrieves Cumber's unconscious body, Kamin and the others teleport away.

Universal Conflict Saga

Main article: Universal Conflict Saga

Kamin vs. Caulifla

Kamin attacks Universe 6 alongside Oren. In the anime, Kamin first battles against Hit, forcing the assassin backwards with a barrage of physical attacks. When Oren notes how tough Hit appears, Kamin suggests that they switch opponents as she goes on to fight against Kale and Caulifla in their Super Saiyan forms. After dodging an array of energy blasts, Kamin kicks Kale hard to the ground, labelling her as so weak she can't even have fun killing time with her. As she continues to battle Caulifla alone in the air, she is blasted at from the ground by Kale, giving Caulifla an opening to attack. Though she acknowledges that the attack was effective, the damage is regenerated almost instantly and she attacks her opponent back with a Crash Break that sends Caulifla flying into the distance.

Kamin and Oren begin their fusion

When Kamin goes to blast the injured Kale, the attack is deflected by the sudden arrival of Vegeta and Future Trunks who transform into Super Saiyan to confront them. After another brief battle Oren and Kamin comment on how much fun they are having before saying that it is time to do their "thing". Kamin then enters the wounds of Kale and takes over her body, using it to take down Cabba before battling Vegeta. When Vegeta attempts to fire a Final Flash at the Tuffle pair, Kamin leaves her host. Soon after Hearts arrives and just as he is about to finish off the Saiyans and Hit, Oren and Kamin urge him not to as they were having fun fighting them.

She goes along with the others members to Universe 11 and asks Oren what Vegeta's body is like after he possesses him. When Oren battles Jiren, Kamin attempts to join in on the fun but doesn't get the chance. When Goku shows up and takes down Oren, Kamin attempts to attack Goku but is effortlessly blasted away. She returns along with Oren, trying again to take down Goku but the two are overwhelmed and with little other choice merge together to become Kamioren. After Vegeta defeats the fused warrior with a Final Flash, the two separate once more.

Later on, she along with the other members of the Core Area Warriors arrive in Universe 7 where they confront the Dragon Team. Kamin along with Oren target Vegeta, wanting revenge from their previous defeat. However Piccolo intervenes and Kamin finds herself fighting against the Namekian instead. She eventually merges with Oren to become Kamioren again to battle both Piccolo and Android 17. After Goku destroys Kamioren, both Kamin and Oren perish at the same time.

In the manga Kamin and Oren take part on the Core Area Warriors' assault on Planet Sadala in Universe 6. They briefly take control of Caulifla and Kale before they are freed by Vegeta and Future Trunks. They then battle against Kefla after Caulifla and Kale fused.

Kamin parasitizes Oren to become Kamioren

Kamin later take part in the attack against Universe 3 along with Rags to find a device for Hearts, the two women easily neutralized their enemies and quickly found the device before coming to Universe 11 where Kamin gave the device to Hearts. Upon seeing Oren in trouble against Vegeta Kamin expressed her disappointment at her twin brother and forcefully parasitizes him, forming Kamioren to fight Vegeta. After their battle with Vegeta ends Kamioren utilizes some of the Universe Seed's power to become Ultimate Kamioren - taking out Top and Cumber, however Kamioren is easily defeated by Jiren and spits out Oren, reverting back into Kamin. The heavily injured twins are then restrained and captured by Dyspo.



Kamin and Oren together are able to fight Super Saiyan Kefla.

She is able to forcefully parasitize Oren to become Kamioren, who can fight on par with Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta normally, and defeat God of Destruction Top and Super Saiyan 3 Full Power Cumber in one blow as Ultimate Kamioren, but is in turn easily defeated by Jiren.


Kamin's power is able to fight on par with Hit with a carefree demeanor. After switching opponents with Oren, she is able to outmatch Caulifla and Kale in their respective Super Saiyan forms, finding them weak and boring, though Caulifla manages to deal some damage to her when she takes her by surprise. When battling Future Trunks and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan forms, Kamin and Oren are pushed back though maintain their smile.

Video Games

In Dragon Ball Heroes, even working together with Oren, Vegeta has the edge over the two in combat. When the two work with Fused Zamasu, they prove to be at disadvantage against Vegeta and Hit teaming up.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight - The ability to through the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Liquefaction - The ability to liquefy through metal and other solid objects.
    • Regeneration[4] - The ability to regrow certain body parts or cells that have been dismembered or destroyed and replace them with brand new cells, or simply regrouping all of their separated parts back together.
  • Parasitism[4] - Used in the game to take over every Saiyan on Planet Sadala.
    • Tuffleization - The special ability to transform the host fully into a Tuffle hybrid.
    • Mind-control[4] - After having parasitically taken them over and then having left their body, Kamin is capable of mind controlling a host. Used in the game to take control over Caulifla, Cabba, and Kale.[5]
    • Merge - In the manga, Kamin transforms into Kaminoren by infecting her brother Oren.
  • Crash Break - Kamin charges at the opponent and forms a barrier around herself while charging energy. She then releases the energy, causing the barrier to explode.
  • Resist Cannon - Kamin Kale's super attack in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Destructive Draw - A variation of Draw used by Kamin in Super Dragon Ball Heroes as her CAA Special Ability. After drawing an infinity symbol several times, Kamin traps the opponent in a spherical cage of energy allowing her to drain their energy with a small energy sphere to restore her health before crushing the small energy sphere to cause the cage containing the opponent to explode. Successfully complete action for -1 to enemy team Hero Energy.

Forms, Transformations and Fusions

Infected Saiyans

Main article: Parasitism In the game, Oren and Kamin parasitically took over every Saiyan in Universe 6, including Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla.

Kamin Kale

Main articles: Tuffleization and Kale

Kamin Kale

Kale's body experiences some physical alterations: Kamin briefly takes on a form that looks the same as base Kale but with red lines across her face, crosshair-like lines on her eyes, white hair and black eyes.


Main articles: Kamioren, Possession, Parasitism, and Merge


In the game and anime, Oren and Kamin are able to merge their bodies to become a new being with the same personality as their individual selves. They fuse into Kamioren in Universe 11 to face Goku and later Vegeta in battle. They later fuse into Kamioren again in Universe 7 to battle Piccolo and Android 17.

Ultimate Kamioren

In the manga, rather than fuse, Kamin forcefully infects and overtakes Oren in order to take on this form, dubbing herself Kamioren (カミオレン Kamioren) she goes on to briefly battle Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta. Soon after, tapping into some of the power of the Universe Seed, Kamioren transforms into the giant and powerful Ultimate Kamioren (究極カミオレン Kyūkyoku Kamioren). When hit by a heavy blow from Jiren, Ultimate Kamioren spits out Oren - reverting back into Kamin.

Video Game Appearances

Kamin makes her debut appearance in Dragon Ball Heroes, where she was introduced as a playable character in Universe Mission 6. Her Kamin Kale form was added in Universe Mission 7.

Voice Actors

  • Japanese: Minami Tsuda


Super Dragon Ball Heroes
  • Kamin vs. Hit
  • Kamin vs. Caulifla (Super Saiyan) and Kale (Super Saiyan C-type)
  • Kamin and Oren vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan) and Future Trunks (Super Saiyan)
  • Kamin (Kamin Kale) vs. Cabba
  • Kamin (Kamin Kale) vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
  • Kamin (Kamin Kale) and Oren (Oren Caulifla) vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan), Future Trunks (Super Saiyan), and Hit
  • Kamin and Oren (Super Oren) vs. Jiren
  • Kamin vs. Goku (Ultra Instinct Sign)
  • Kamin and Oren vs. Goku (Ultra Instinct Sign)
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  • Kamin vs. Piccolo
  • Kamin (Kamin Kale) and Oren (Oren Caulifla) vs. Cabba (Super Saiyan)
  • Kamin (Kamin Kale) and Oren (Oren Caulifla) vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) and Future Trunks (Super Saiyan)
  • Kamin and Oren vs. Kefla (Super Saiyan)
  • Kamioren and Rags vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan Blue)
  • Kamioren (Ultimate) vs. Jiren


  • Kamin's name comes from mandarin orange (みかん; mikan).


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