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"Brianne: All the way from beautiful Universe Two, we are Brianne de Chateau!
Sanka: I'm Sanka Coo!
Sous: And I'm Sous Roas!
Brianne: Let us blossom! And let us sing out the song of love and victory!
— Kamikaze Fireballs in "The Power of Love Explodes? The 2nd Universe's Witchy Warriors!"

The Kamikaze Fireballs ( Tokkou Hinotama)[2], also known as the Maiden Squadron[3], is a group led by Ribrianne in Universe 2.

The members and their allies made up the majority of Team Universe 2.


All members of the unit enter combat modes called Formation, drastically increasing their fighting capabilities. Both their physical appearances and dresses also change greatly.

Through the transformation, Brianne de Chateau becomes Ribrianne, Sousu Roas becomes Roasie and Sanka Coo becomes Kakunsa.

In the anime; Zirloin, Rabanra, and Zarbuto are the attendants of the maidens.[4] Bikal and Jimizu also have a relation with the group, Bikal having a close relationship to Sanka and Jimizu acting as a "knight" who protects the maidens.

Additionally, Zirloin, Rabanra, and Zarbuto can use Formation to transform as well. Zirloin gains the power and clothes similar to Ribrianne, while Rabanra gains the power and form similar Kakunsa, and Zarbuto gains the power of and clothes similar to Roasie.


  • Their names are puns based on different types of steak.
  • In the manga, their transformed state is their natural state.
  • In Japanese, Kamikaze Fireballs means not the trio itself, but a side of Ribrianne to be a reckless fighter. Additionally, "Hinotama" is a singular form of a fireball. "Kamikaze" is a specific term but the term does not include all-encompassing meanings of suicidal attacks while "Tokkou" also means special attacks and recklessly advancing.