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"Kamehameha vs. Kamehameha" (かめはめたいかめはめ 最後さいご決戦けっせん Kamehameha Tai Kamehameha Saigo no Kessen, lit. "Kamehameha vs Kamehameha: A Final Showdown") is the two hundred twenty second chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred sixteenth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover, which also serves as a panel of the manga, shows Cell firing his Solar Kamehameha towards Gohan.


Gohan and Cell both release their Kamehameha blasts, with Gohan using only his right arm. Piccolo urges the Dragon Team to get away, but the beams collide before they can and they are knocked by the collision, as are Mr. Satan, Jimmy Firecracker, and Lionel. The blasts form a massive ball of energy around the point of impact, as the two fighters struggle to overcome the other's beam. The massive amount of energy involved continue to cause earthquake-like effects around the Earth.

As Gohan and Cell continue to struggle, Piccolo says that Gohan is being overpowered. Cell says that this is it, but Goku telepathically encourages Gohan, saying that he is not using all his power. Gohan says that he is doing his best and cannot do more. Goku says that Gohan is holding back to avoid destroying the planet, but says that the Dragon Balls can fix it. Cell screams goodbye, but is just then hit in the head by a Galick Blazer from behind. Confused, he turns around to see that it was Vegeta who fired the blast.

With Cell momentarily distracted, Goku senses an opportunity and tells Gohan to use his full power now. Gohan releases his full power into his Kamehameha and overpowers a stunned Cell. As he is blown backwards and destroyed by the blast, Cell says that this is impossible and that he is invincible. With every last trace of Cell destroyed, an exhausted Gohan reverts to his base form and falls to the ground. The Z Fighters look on stunned, while Goku celebrates. Gohan, lying on the ground, manages a smile.





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