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Kamehame Tri-Beam (かめはめ気功砲 Kamehamekikōhō, lit. "Kamehame: Ki Cultivation Gun") is a combination of the Full Power Kamehameha and Ultra Tri-Beam used by Tiencha in Dragon Ball Fusions.


The user charges ki orbs in both hands then combines them together using Kamehameha hand motions, causing the two orbs to combine into a larger energy sphere that pushes both of their hands apart as it charges fully, then the user fires an extremely powerful energy wave.

Video Game Appearances

Kamehameha Tri-Beam was named and first appeared in Dragon Ball Fusions where it appears as a fusion Special Move used by Tiencha. Normally it can only be learned by EX-Fusions of a Full Power Kamehameha user and an Ultra Tri-Beam user, though it can also be learned by Yamcha and Tien's Metamoran Fusion Tiencha. As Yamcha cannot learn Full Power Kamehameha, his and Tien's EX-Fusion, EX Yamhan is unable to learn this Special Move. It can also be learned by the EX-Fusions Quiga (the EX-Fusion of Quillin and Soga) and Quilliche (the EX-Fusion of Quillin and Quiche). Earthling Tekka can learn it by performing EX-Fusion with an Ultra Tri-Beam user as Earthling Tekka can learn Full Power Kamehameha.


  • Despite being a combination of Full Power Kamehameha and Ultra Tri-Beam, it is performed in a manner identical to other fusion moves such as Final Kamehameha, Galick Kamehameha, and Kamehame Beam Cannon.
  • Though Yamcha can't utilize Full Power Kamehameha, he has witnessed Master Roshi's usage of the technique which Tiencha has access to presumably allowing him to acquire the technique through Mimicry acquired from Tien, allowing him to combine Full Power Kamehameha and Ultra Tri-Beam into Kamehame Tri-Beam.