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"It's Master Kame's legendary move... Concentrating all his dormant energy... Into a single focused blast!! I never thought I'd see it..."

Kame Kame Kame Kame Kame Chameleon (かめせんにんのかめはめ!! Kame sen'nin no Kamehameha!!, lit. "The Turtle Hermit's Kamehame Wave!!") is the fourteenth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. Its anime counterpart is the second half of the episode "The Kamehameha Wave".


The cover features Bulma with a Shotgun on her back and Oolong riding on a Pterodactyl following Goku who is on the Flying Nimbus.


Roshi fires his MAX Power Kamehameha

After arriving at Fire Mountain, Master Roshi decides to put out the flames himself but first lectures the Ox-King of his misdoings of killing people over treasure at which the Ox-King bows down and apologizes, promising to change his ways. Just before getting ready to put the flames out he brings Goku and Bulma to the side and discusses the deal that in exchange for putting the fire out, Bulma must allow him to touch her breasts, which Bulma unhappily agrees to.

Roshi prepares to destroy the flames by removing his shirt and Turtle Shell revealing what looks to be an old weak upper body. While he is comically trying to climb a wall to stand on, he receives help from Goku. While standing on top of the wall Roshi prepares for his attack which instantly turns him into a muscular giant and shoots his signature attack, the Kamehameha straight at the flaming mountain. After the attack is finished, everyone is amazed but it is revealed that Master Roshi had also destroyed the castle and mountain.



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Roshi fires his MAX Power Kamehameha

  • When hearing that Master Roshi's attack is named the Kamehameha, Puar comments that the name was from an old king in Hawaii when Hawaii does not exist in the Dragon Ball universe.


  • This chapter's title is a reference to a song by Boy George of Culture Club named "Karma Chameleon." However, in the recently released Vizbig version, the chapter is changed to "Kamehameha!", for the song was released in the 80's, and it would not appeal to a modern audience. However, at the end of Chapter 13, it says "next: Kame Kame Kame Kame Kame Chameleon".
  • This is the first time an energy attack appears in the series.


Volume 2: Wish Upon a Dragon
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