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"Kakarot... KAKAROT!!"

Kakarot! (カカロット! Kakarotto!) is a Power Up used by Broly.


Broly becomes enraged by his memories of Goku and with that rage, his strength rises.[2]


He uses this technique several times in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan and Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming. Aside from it powering him up, it is also implied that it allowed him to break through his father Paragus' control of him via Broly's Ring.

Video Game Appearances[]

In the Budokai Tenkaichi series, it is Broly's Blast 1 and when used it puts Broly into MAX power mode, and his Attack, Defense and Ki strength go up.

In Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road, while not an actual attack Future Broly was implied to use this technique in cutscenes to break free of Future Babidi's hold on him, similar to how Majin Vegeta broke Babidi's hold on him.

In Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, although not an actual attack it was the subject of a couple of unlockable scenes in Broly's story mode for that game, more specifically the final fight with Goku.

In Attack of the Saiyans, Broly uses this technique to raise all of his stats: Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Evade, and Speed.

In the Raging Blast series, it is Broly's Super Attack and when used he is unable to flinch, and his Attack strength goes up.

In Xenoverse, it appears as Broly's Z-Soul Kakaroooot!! which can be equipped by the Future Warrior. When the Z-Soul is equipped, it increases the user's health stat by 2 and Basic ATK stat by 5 though decreases both Strike Supers and Ki Blast Supers by 4. It also prevents the user from staggering when attacked until the wear's Health lowers to a certain level. The Kakaroooot!! Z-Soul can be obtained in Parallel Quest 51: "Heated, Furious, Ultimate Battle".

In Dokkan Battle, it is Legendary Super Saiyan Broly's Active Skill where in addition to maximizing his Ki, it also massively raises Broly's attack during the same turn the Active Skill is used.



  • At the end of Dragon Ball Super: Broly in the Funimation dub, Goku insists on Broly calling him Kakarot which is likely a reference and/or homage to Broly's iconic habit of referring to Goku by his Saiyan name (as represented by the Kakarot! power up).
  • Although the power-up isn't featured much in the first what-if scenario to Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2, due to his already killing Goku early into the game alongside the Z-Fighters, it was indirectly alluded to just before the Cell fight, as when Paragus and Broly after conquering the Earth encountered Cell, Broly has an agitated reaction to sensing Cell's presence, with Paragus deciding to take him along so they can deal with him (implying that Broly sensed Goku's ki within Cell).