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Kai Kai Matoru (カイカイマトル Kai Kai Matoru) is a sealing technique invented by Grand Supreme Kai.


Grand Supreme Kai uses all of his divine godly power in the form of a beam to seal away an opponent's magic power. The effect appears to be temporary, as after millions of years of imprisonment, Moro regained some of his magical power.


Grand Supreme Kai used this technique ten million years ago to seal away Moro's magic power. In the present time during the battles on New Namek, the Grand Supreme Kai threatened to perform the technique again but was unable to use it due to no longer having the God power required to perform the technique, having lost that power when Kid Buu was killed by the Spirit Bomb in the years prior and the energy laying dormant in the reincarnated Uub.


  • 魔取る (matoru) effectively means "magic-steal".

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