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Kai Kai Matoru (カイカイマトル Kai Kai Matoru) is a sealing technique invented by Grand Supreme Kai.


Grand Supreme Kai uses all of his divine godly power in the form of a beam to seal away an opponent's magic power. The effect appears to be temporary, as after millions of years of imprisonment, Moro regained some of his magical power.


Grand Supreme Kai used this technique ten million years ago to seal away Moro's magic power. In the present time during the battles on New Namek, the Grand Supreme Kai threatened to perform the technique again but was unable to use it due to no longer having the God power required to perform the technique, having lost that power when Kid Buu was killed by the Spirit Bomb in the years prior and the energy laying dormant in the reincarnated Uub.


  • 魔取る (matoru) effectively means "magic-steal".
  • Kai Kai Matoru is first time a sealing technique has been used to seal something other than a living being in the main series. However it is not the first time this has happened in the Dragon Ball franchise, as Chronoa's use of Sealing Spell to counter Demigra's explosive Majin Emblem during the Demigra Incident in Dragon Ball Xenoverse predates the introduction of Kai Kai Matoru during the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga in Dragon Ball Super manga.
  • Given Uub and Good Buu both contain a portion of Grand Supreme Kai's God Power, this implies that their fusion Majuub from Dragon Ball GT has the potential to utilize the technique, provided Grand Supreme Kai's memories within Good Buu were restored and Majuub was able to release the dormant God Power Uub inherited from Kid Buu which combined with the God Power within Good Buu/Grand Supreme Kai, would potentially allow Majuub to utilize the technique to its full potential (giving Majuub a powerful technique to counter magic users like Moro).
    • Unfortunately there is no indication that Grand Supreme Kai's memories have been restored in the Dragon Ball GT main timeline, thus Majuub lacks any knowledge of Grand Supreme Kai's God Power or Kai Kai Matoru. However the events of Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga foreshadow the possibility of Majuub developing the ability to utilize Kai Kai Matoru, should Uub and Good Buu/Grand Supreme Kai ever fuse into Majuub.

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