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Kaede Beniya (紅谷 楓 Beniya Kaede) is a human girl that is a main character in Akira Toriyama's Jiya manga, and also makes a cameo in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission.


Kaede is a stuck up girl who smokes and drinks a lot. Her servant Yukio Kyumonji has a crush on her even though she is bossy and mean to him. She has a temperament similar to Bulma's getting angry at Jiya for hitting her when he thought she was too young to drink alcohol and she is shown to be vain & sensitive about her looks specifically her breast size with her even wondering if the Galactic King could increase her breast size after hearing how powerful he was from Jiya.

Though she initially thought Jiya was perverted for asking to see her naked, she later reconsiders realizing that he may have just been curious which leads her to impulsively flash Yukio accidentally as she wasn't aware that Jiya had left Yukio's body. Though she is initially angry at Yukio for seeing her topless (as she was still wearing panties when she flashed him) she later becomes curious if he finds her attractive and blushes when he reveals he has a crush on her.



Main article: Jiya (manga) Yukio and Kaede's car runs over some bandits' caltrop trap in the mountains and Jiya appeared, saving them from bandits. Yukio thanks Jiya for saving them as Kaede drinks alcohol from a flask, causing Jiya to punch her, as he notes that according to the old scrolls about Earth, women's breasts grow as they mature and assumes Kaede is too young to drink due to her breast size, though Yukio confirms she is 21.

While walking with Jiya to a nearby town, they stay a hotel and Kaede decides to go take a Bath in her room while Jiya borrowed Yukio's body to go out and investigate. After bathing, she is in her room wearing a bathrobe, Jiya is back still in Kyummonji's body and asks to see her naked but gets mad and kicks him out. Afterwards, a Mogan appears in her window and attempts to kidnap her, but Jiya manages to rescue her.

Kaede flashes Yukio while mistakenly believing he is still possessed by Jiya

She goes back to her hotel room and realizes she may have been wrong about Jiya being prevented for asking to see her naked, assuming the alien was just curious, drops her robe showing herself to Yukio finding out that its the real him and not Jiya making her mad. Yukio tells her to get dressed before telling her what happened and that Vamp is coming to destroy the town due to Jiya killing his fleas. Kaede demands he get a car to flee in. While they are getting ready to leave, Yukio notices Kaede is carrying a gun. Yukio manages to convince Kaede that they need to help Jiya which she agrees given that Jiya had saved her life twice. As the drive back to assist Jiya, Kaede inquires if he found her attractive after seeing her naked, causing him to say she looks as wonderful as a goddess and confess that he's been attracted to her since he started working for her three years ago, causing Kaede to blush. Later on, during Jiya's fight with Steth who is in Vamp's body, her alcohol is used to revive Jiya's suit while she distracts Steth. Steth left Vamp's body and tried to possess Yukio, but was shot and killed by Kaede.

Yukio and Kaede later drive away in their car, with Jiya in the back seat. Jiya tells them that Steth had come to Earth to find out if it was worth saving, as an asteroid would destroy it in one year. He says that the Galactic King will stop it now that they know it was worth saving.

Other Dragon Ball stories

Victory Mission

Main article: Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission

Kaede in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission

Kaede appears in the 4th chapter playing against Yukio.


Beniya Kaede is an average untrained female Earthling, though she is capable of taking a relatively weak punch to her head from Jiya in his Robot Suit which only comically caused her to briefly roll around clutching her head in pain only to soon recover enraged that he would hit a lady.

Additionally, she manages to hit and kill a target as small as Steth in his natural form with a gun, though Jiya believes it was just a lucky shot however it should be noted she managed to shoot such a small target when he was right in front of Yukio's face, without hurting Yukio in the process.


  • Stripping - Used by Kaede when she threw off her bathrobe in the scene where she tries to show off her nearly naked body to Jiya after reconsidering the nature of his request, though end up flashing Yukio by mistake, due mistakenly assuming Jiya is still possessing Yukio's body.

Equipment & Vehicles

  • Car - Kaede rides around in a car driven by her chauffeur Yukio whom she hired three years before the events of Jiya. However the car's tires are flattened by a caltrop trap set by some mountain bandits who damage the car further by shooting it, though fortunately Jiya rescued them though they had to abandon their damaged car.

Kaede using a gun to kill Steth in Jiya

  • Panties - A type of undergarment worn primarily by females. When she dropped her bathrobe, she is shown to be still wearing panties.
  • Gun - A gun that Kaede brought along with her for protection when she and Yukio flee from the town they were staying at to avoid getting caught in the battle between Jiya & the Steth possessed Vamp, though she decides to accompany Yukio when he decides to go help Jiya. Later used by Kaede to kill Steth before he could possess Yukio.
  • Dragon Ball Heroes machines - An arcade machine used to play Dragon Ball Heroes built by the Capsule Corporation using advanced Time Travel technology. Used by Kaede when she plays against Yukio in Victory Mission.

List of Characters Killed by Kaede

  • Steth - Shot dead by Kaede before he could takeover Yukio's body.


  • She is 21 years old during the events of Jiya.
  • Masakazu Katsura stated that the shot of Kaede dropping her bathrobe and showing her naked body to Yukio is modeled after the infamous shot of Bulma naked in "They Call Him...the Turtle Hermit!". Akira Toriyama stated that the women were the only thing he was visually unsatisfied with in Jiya and said that he felt Katsura's rendition for Kaede's naked shot felt underwhelming because she still had her panties on.


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