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Kachi Katchin (カチカッチン鋼 Kachi Kattchin Kō) is a material, it is a more durable variant of Katchin that appears in the anime.


In the anime, it was said by the Grand Minister that Kachi Katchin is even stronger than Universe 7's Katchin and was used to create the arena for the Tournament of Power. It is presumably the hardest material in the multiverse. However, when Iwan, Liquiir, and Arak (Gods of Destruction) did battle they have little trouble breaking the arena both with the shockwaves emanating from their physical and ki attacks colliding.


  • Despite being the hardest material in the multiverse, it has been broken on more than one occasion. Once by Iwan, Liquiir, and Arak's practice match, and again by Goku and Vegeta's combined Final Kamehameha against the Trio of Danger. Kale even destroyed the ground around her just by shouting.
    • Also, as shown in Dragon Ball Super episode 100, the arena itself has taken quite a bit of damage, as it is shown to not be flat anymore, with even some of the arena rising out as well.
    • At the end of the Tournament of Power, the arena made of this material ended almost totally destroyed, leaving rocks scattered all over the area.


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