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Kabra, the Majin Hero (カブラ), is a human who utilizes the advanced time travel technology of the Dragon Ball Heroes machines, allowing him to become a Majin.[1]

The Majin Hero is one of the Majin-class characters in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes. This class has a similar appearance to Majin Buu.



He appeared under the name Kabra (カブラ) in the Hero Road mode in Dragon Ball Heroes, and the name was reused for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission; the name comes from the magical phrase abracadabra. Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X instead gave him the name Palette (パレット).


Kabra's appearance is similar to Majin Buu, but shorter. He wears yellow pants, yellow gloves, red boots, a red armor for protection, a dark mantle, a dark green belt with a jewel on it, and a golden crown. In Victory Mission and World Mission, the human boy who uses the Majin Hero as his avatar resembles Uub.


Victory Mission

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Kabra, his avatar, and his pet in Victory Mission

Kabra is human boy who uses the Majin Hero as his avatar, and has a Neko Majin pet named Abra who usually hangs out atop his head. Kabra met Abra (also known as Neko Majin V) when the latter lost his Majin-Dama orb and Kabra destroyed it. One day, Kabra is sitting by himself playing his 3DS while several boys are playing with a soccer ball. The ball is accidentally kicked towards Kabra, knocking his game out of his hands. Annoyed, he kicks the ball away instead, earning the ire of the other kids. Walking over to a Dragon Ball Heroes machine sitting out in the middle of nowhere, he finds a marble-like item on it, and thinking it's a superball, he throws it at a nearby rock only for it to shatter. Just then, Neko Majin V appears outside the machine, saying that he now has to haunt Kabra, who has to do thousand good deed in order to lift the curse. Kabra later enters a Dragon Ball Heroes tournament in Satan City and defeats the Female Saiyan Elite Viola in the first round. During the tournament, his Neko Majin pet proves he can talk and use magic when he gets back at Kabra bad-mouthing him. Abra nearly blows his cover when doing this, as Note overhears. Luckily for him, Note merely thinks she heard Kabra being rude rather than Abra talking. In the second round of the tournament, Kabra faces Froze. When he joins the Dragon Ball Heroes team to save the kidnapped contestants in the Dragon Ball Heroes world, he faces the Majin Berserker Salaga on the Sacred World of the Kai battle stage. Kabra does his thousandth good deed when he saves Abra from one of Salaga's attacks. The curse is lifted, and it is now time for Abra to take his original Neko Majin V form and face Salaga. V seems to be a coward, and yet he is the one Salaga wants to attack. Viola soon comes to aid Kabra in his battle against Salaga, and saves Neko Majin V from Salaga's pursuit.

Other Dragon Ball stories

Dragon Ball Heroes

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The Majin Hero in the 2nd trailer for Dragon Ball Heroes

In the second animated trailer for the game, the Saiyan Hero and Future Trunks fight Majin Buu. Majin Buu gets angry, and a part of him comes to life on its own and forms the Majin "Hero", who tries to stop Buu. Buu attacks the group and Future Trunks tries to blast him with a Buster Cannon, only to just get knocked back and have Buu land on him and the Saiyan Hero.

In the seventeenth promotional trailer (JM1 trailer), the Majin Hero, the Saiyan Hero, the Frieza Clan Berserker, and the Android Elite help Goten and Trunks fighting the Shadow Dragon of Water and Wind, Oceanus Shenron, soon joined by Super Saiyan 4 Goku, the Android Berserker, the Namekian Berserker, the Majin Berserker, and the Saiyan Heroine.

Ultimate Mission

Main article: Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission In the opening of Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission, the Majin Hero and the Namekian Hero battle Cell and Majin Buu until Legendary Super Saiyan Broly appears and attacks both them and their opponents.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

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In World Mission, Kabra is a talented SDBH player who lives in Hero Town on Earth and uses a Hero Type Majin as his Hero Avatar. Due to his talent, Note has heard his name as she remembers the names of potential rival SDBH players.

Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 1 - "Great Saiyaman 4"

In Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 1: "Great Saiyaman 4", during the game world Organization of Babidi's second attack on Hero Town in the real world, Great Saiyaman 3's DBH Team confronts Dabura, Spopovich, and Yamu who are attacking the town. After the team taking down Villainous Mode Dabura, the new Great Saiyaman 4 splits up with his teammates to chase after Yamu while one of his allies deals with Villainous Mode Spopovich. Eventually Dabura's underlings fall and Beat regroups with his teammates and Great Saiyaman 3.

However they are soon approached by a Majin who is identical in appearance to the Hero-type Majin Avatar. He notes Dabura's uselessness for collecting energy and reveals he has been sent by Babidi to destroy SDBH players and collect energy to revive Majin Buu for Babidi. However when he reveals his name, Note recognizes it as one belonging to one of her perspective rivals. However Kabra starts questioning his mission, confusingly he becomes reluctant to attack the town. Noticing a Majin Mark on his head tentacle, the team surmises he was captured and brainwashed by Babidi to serve him. Though the Majin Hero tries to resist, Babidi regains his hold over him. Beat and his teammates decide they might be able to free or at least weaken Babidi's hold over him if they can defeat him.

Kabra's deck is defeated and Babidi's hold starts to falter, forcing the wizard controlling him to make an appearance. Babidi notes he hasn't had this much trouble since Prince of Destruction Vegeta resisted him, but he is confident he has acquired enough energy to free Majin Buu. Due to the anomaly, however, Innocent Buu is replaced by game world Kid Buu who emerges from the Sealed Ball. Great Saiyaman 3 changes his subordinates with defeating Kid Buu. They ultimately managed to destroy him completely to Babidi's utter horror and shock. Beat manages to free Kabra when Beat kills Babidi with a ki blast. As Babidi's magic fades from him, Kabra reverts to his pure Earthling form.

Kabra is remorseful and feels guilty over his role as Babidi's puppet and role in causing the damage to Hero Town. After the DBH Team confirm Kabra is Hero Switch-compatible, they convince Kabra to join the DBH Team as a form of atonement and protection as his Hero Switch compatibility makes him a target for "the menace" behind the anomalies. He is provided with his own Hero Switch and an official DBH Team Jacket, which happens to be pink.


In Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission, Kabra believes himself the second weakest of those in round two of the Strongest Hero Tournament, he believes that the only person he could defeat is Pico, and that he would lose to Viola - though not terribly, as he considers her the third weakest fighter. Later, during his battle with Salaga (possessed by Eis Shenron), Kabra finds it difficult to hold his own, and it is not until after he becomes a Super Class avatar and gets backup from Neko Majin V and Viola that he is able to win.


  • Flight - The ability to fly by using ki.
  • Majin Punch (魔人パンチ) – The Majin Hero extends his right arm to punch his opponent from a long distance. It is his Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes, and his default Super Attack in World Mission.
  • Innocence Cannon - Majin Buu's version of Grand Supreme Kai's Flame Shower Breath. One of Kabra's learnable Super Attacks in World Mission.
  • Majin Beam - Majuub's variation of the Transfiguration Beam. One of Kabra's learnable Super Attacks in World Mission.
  • Ultimate Heavenly Cannon - Kibito Kai's energy wave Super Attack. One of Kabra's learnable Super Attacks in World Mission which can be learned after Kabra reaches Bond Lvl 15.
  • Super Wahaha no Ha - A variation of Wahaha no Ha originally used by Aka. One of Kabra's learnable Super Attacks in World Mission which can be learned after Kabra reaches Bond Lvl 20.
  • Angry Explosion – The Majin Hero uses this technique in combination with Majin Buu as one of his special attacks in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Headbutt – The Majin Hero performs a headbutt on Majin Buu in the 2nd Dragon Ball Heroes promotional movie.
  • Spirit Sword - An Energy Blade technique originally used by Vegito. In World Mission, it can be learned by all Hero Avatars regardless of type (including the Majin Hero) via a wish to Super Shenron.


Main articles: Class-up and Majin Armor

Class-up Kabra

Kabra possesses the Class-up state throughout most of his appearance in Victory Mission.

The Majin Hero can use the Class-up state in-game of Dragon Ball Heroes. This state is comparable to the Super Saiyan 2 level of power and fills out his armor with a helmet and undershirt.

Super Class-up

Main articles: Super Class-up and Majin Armor

Super Class-up Kabra

During his fight with Salaga in Victory Mission, Kabra utilized the Super Class-up when he began losing the battle, granting him a greatly enhanced defense.

The Majin Hero can use the Super Class-up state in-game of Dragon Ball Heroes. This state is comparable to the Super Saiyan 3 level of power, turning his gear into a full suit of golden armor with a winged helmet.

God Class-up

Main articles: God Class-up and Majin Armor

God Class-up Kabra

The Majin Hero can use the God Class-up state in-game of Dragon Ball Heroes. This state is comparable to the Super Saiyan God level of power and gives him new white armor complete with a sword, a red cape, and a winged circlet.

Super God Class-up

Main articles: Super God Class-up and Majin Armor

Super God Class-up Kabra

The Majin Hero can use the Super God Class-up state in Dragon Ball Heroes. This state is comparable to the Super Saiyan Blue level of power, with him now sporting more regal-looking armor and a king's crown on his head.

Ultimate Class-up Sign

Main article: Ultimate Class-up Sign The Majin Hero can use the Ultimate Class-up Sign state in-game of Dragon Ball Heroes. This state is comparable to the Ultra Instinct Sign level of power and is the only form that doesn't change his appearance.


Main articles: Manipulation Sorcery and Unlock Potential In Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 1: "Great Saiyaman 4", it is revealed that Babidi used his Mind Control on Kabra causing the Majin Mark to appear on his Majin Hero Avatar's head tentacle. In this state, he seeks to gather energy and eliminate all other SDBH Players though like Majin Vegeta, the brainwashing isn't full proof and Kabra's inner nature resists slightly though unlike Majin Vegeta he lacks the strength of will to fully rebel against Babidi's control though Great Saiyaman 3 theorizes beating him in battle might weaken Babidi's spell and his theory ultimately proves correct forcing Babidi to show himself though unfortunately he managed to gather enough energy to free Kid Buu who appears instead of Innocent Buu due to another anomaly.

According to Great Saiyaman 3, Kabra's potential has been released in this state like others under the influence of Babidi's magic. Like with others under Babidi's control, Kabra is freed and returns to his original Earthling form when Babidi is killed by Great Saiyaman 4, though he retains all of his memories from when he was under Babidi's control. Kabra is later revealed to be Hero Switch-compatible thus this may explain why he took the form of his Avatar while his latent power was draw out by Babidi's magic as the Hero Switch can tap into the compatible user's latent power to manifest game world abilities in the real world.

  • Sword - In his God Class-up state, he carries around a sword.

Video game appearances

Kabra first appeared as a distinct character in the Heroes Road mode of Dragon Ball Heroes, where he was fought as the first boss alongside Majin Buu, Mr. Satan, Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks.

Voice actors

  • Japanese: Kappei Yamaguchi (山口勝平 Yamaguchi Kappei)



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