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KBC News

A KBC News reporter

KBC News is a television show broadcasted on ZTV.


It first appeared in Dragon Ball during the King Piccolo Saga.


KBC News in the Cell Games Arena

In Dragon Ball Z, KBC News reporters are seen during a filler of the Vegeta Saga when Yajirobe arrives at the crash scene and tells the police chief and the reporters that two aliens have landed and will kill everyone on earth.

KBC News is later seen during the Cell Games Saga, where Cell takes over the news to reveal the location of the Cell Games. Later on in the saga, three reporters from the same TV show try to interview him in order to find out where he came from and why he chose Earth as the place of the Cell Games. Cell destroys their camera equipment and kills one of the three with a kick.[1] Jimmy Firecracker is shown to be involved in the crew, and he and Lionel videotape the Cell Games, though they lose the footage and an unrealistic movie based on what they taped was made by ZTV.



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