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"A powerful rush attack from the allies of justice who protect Hercule City!"
Dragon Ball Xenoverse in-game description

Justice Combination is a powerful Rush Attack used by Videl and Pan in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


The user starts off by attacking with a powerful kick. If the kick connects with an opponent the user will then unleash a series of punching and kicking attacks.


  • Z-Assist Justice Combination - A variation of the Justice Combination used by the Future Warrior in Dragon Ball Xenoverse when performing the technique while Gohan & Videl are their current Masters. The Z-Assist causes Videl's soul (which appears as an astral projection of Videl performing the technique) to go into the Future Warrior's body while they're performing it increasing the power of the Warrior's Justice Combination.

Video Game Appearances

Justice Combination was named and first appeared in Dragon Ball Xenoverse as one of Videl's Ultimate Skills in her 1st, 4th, and Great Saiyaman 2 (5th) skillsets. It can also be used by Pan in her second skillset as part of the GT Pack 1 DLC. The Future Warrior can learn this skill by completing Gohan & Videl's final training, Master Quest 03: "Mastery". If performed while Gohan & Videl are the Warrior's current Masters the they will receive a Z-Assist.

"Performs a quick melee attack. This technique comes out quickly, so it is difficult to avoid and great for building combos."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Tutorial description

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the Justice Combination returns as one of Videl's Ultimate Skills which can be learned by the Future Warrior by completing Gohan & Videl's Training. After completing the final lesson, Gohan is surprised they learned it so quickly as it took him a while to learn it himself.


  • Since Pan learned the Justice Rush from her mother (which she mentions in Xenoverse when performing that technique). it is likely that Videl also taught her daughter the Justice Combination Ultimate Skill as well.