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Justice Blast[1] is a technique used by Top in his God of Destruction Mode.


The user creates a massive sphere of Energy of Destruction and fires it at their foe.


Golden Frieza overwhelmed by Top's Justice Blast

During the Tournament of Power, Top utilizes the Energy of Destruction to create his Justice Blast and fires one at Frieza, who is confident in his abilities to compress it as he did prior with Sidra's goon. However, Top's power proved too much for Frieza and managed to deal enough damage to force Frieza back into his final form. The Justice Blast even managed to split the Tournament of Power Arena made out of Kachi Katchin.

Later, Top prepares another to take down Android 17 but Frieza stops him from firing it by throwing a rock at it.

Top uses the Justice Blast once more in an energy clash with Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta's Final Flash - with Top winning the beam struggle.