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"Just One Wish!!" (シェンロンへのねがい!! Shenron e no Negai!!, lit. "The Wish to Shenlong!!") is the twentieth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Puar, Oolong, Goku, Bulma and Yamcha standing in a single-file line, starting with the shortest (Puar) and going up to the tallest (Yamcha). The title of the chapter is to the right of the characters, going straight down the cover.


Dragon Balls getting scattered

The chapter opens with Emperor Pilaf and his henchmen summoning Shenron. As our heroes lose hope, Pilaf begins to make his wish, but is interrupted by Oolong, who wishes for a girl's panties. As everyone stares in shock, a pair of panties falls from the sky, landing on Oolong's face. Having granted the wish, Shenron disappears as the Dragon Balls scatter. Furious that his chance of world domination has been shattered, Pilaf imprisons the gang within a steel box with a super-reinforced glass roof. While the gang discusses searching for the Dragon Balls, Pilaf announces to them that they will die from the desert sun. As the gang panics, Goku remarks that he is hungry, ending the chapter.






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