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Jung (惑星ジャグ Wakusei Jangu, lit. Planet Jung) is a terrestrial planet with large mineral and non-renewable reserves of Sky Gold which is located in Universe 7. It first appears as a secondary location in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Jung is a rocky or terrestrial planet, which has a fairly rugged and peculiar terrain, having large gorges and high stone cliffs and floating rocks that dominate the nature of the planet. Being a mining site, the planet has a system of bridges, railways, roads and tunnels that pass through the mountains. In addition, Jung is near the orbit of a celestial body, presumably another planet, with rings.

During the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, the Macareni Gang decided to go to Jung to hijack and steal a train full of carriages of Sky Gold. After the local mounted police on the planet were completely overtaken by the Macareni gangs' weapons and could not rescue the train crew that were held hostage by them, they were forced to send a call for help to the Galactic Patrol, which the Galactic Patrol came within a matter of time. Eventually, the crew members of the train were rescued by the team led by Merus, who managed to catch the Macareni siblings and lock them in the Galactic Patrol prison.


Mounted Forces

The planet has different species of inhabitants who carry out different types of work: local police officers, who are mostly dog like humanoids while the ferrous carriers are mostly sheep-like humanoid employees with one being a man with pointy ears.