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Jump Gold Selection 4 cover

Jump Gold Selection 4: Dragon Ball Z Anime Special (ドラゴンボール・セット アニメ・スペシャル) is the first of the two Jump Gold Selection special magazines published by Shueisha that pertain specifically to the Dragon Ball Z anime.


The magazine was released on October 18, 1989, the day the episode "Saibamen Attack!" first aired in Japan and right as the Namek Saga was beginning its run in Weekly Shonen Jump. It covers the end of the Dragon Ball anime and the Dragon Ball Z anime up to the middle of the Vegeta Saga.


Sketch of Goku as an old man featured in the magazine

The magazine features a "Piccolo" side-story written by Takao Koyama and illustrated by Minoru Maeda, full-color pictures, and character model sheets. It contains information about the main characters, the trainings, and the World Martial Arts Tournaments.

Dragon Ball Z Anime Special also features a comic drawn by Akira Toriyama that details his involvement with the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z animes, as well as the way in which he created the Dragon Ball manga. He discusses how he generally just draws whatever he wants in the manga, saying that because of this, even he does not really know just when Dragon Ball will end or what is going to happen up ahead. He jokingly says that maybe he will even turn Goku into a geezer, and provides a sketch of Goku as an old man.

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