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Julius dobos

Julius Dobos

Julius Dobos is a Hungarian composer and co-author of the music featured in the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z. He worked directly under Faulconer Productions and the CakeMix Recording studio.

Work on Dragon Ball Z

  • Vegeta vs Goku
  • Goku vs Vegeta
  • Babidi Casts Spell
  • SSJ3 Powerup
  • Turned To Stone I
  • Turned To Stone II
  • Shin Panics
  • Yacon Blows
  • Full Power
  • Vegeta Stops
  • Vegeta Fools Goku
  • Gohan Approaches
  • Gotenks Is Born
  • Pre-Buu
  • Doubler's - Prelude
  • Gohan vs Doubler
  • Gohan vs Doubler 2
  • MM Splits
  • Gohan Powers Up
  • Gohan Powers Up (Z Sword Remix) - Unreleased
  • Yucon Sucks
  • Room Music
  • Pui Pui Struggles
  • Pui Pui Fights Vegeta
  • Kid Buu Is Waiting
  • Devastation (Buu Saga) - Unreleased
  • Buu Is Fighting
  • Piccolo And Babadi
  • Buu Busts Out
  • Buu Eats Cookie
  • Goku Senses Buu
  • Babadi And Buu
  • Buu's Theme
  • Majin Vegeta
  • Gohan vs Doubler III
  • Gohan vs Doubler IV
  • Vegeta Gets Bean

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