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John Burgmeier

John Burgmeier

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John Burgmeier (born on October 24, 1974, in Chicago, Illinois) is an American voice actor and ADR script writer, known for his work for FUNimation Entertainment. He is the son of Linda Young, who also voices characters for FUNimation.

John Burgmeier most notably plays the voice role of Tien Shinhan and Saibaman in the FUNimation Dub of the Dragon Ball series.

He does work for other FUNimation dubbed anime such being very notable for voicing Kurama in Yu Yu Hakusho, as well as Lucky Roo and Fullbody in One Piece. He is also known for voicing Rei in the comedy anime seriesKodocha, and Shigure Sohma in the anime Fruits Basket.

According to Sean Schemmel (who voices Goku in the FUNimation Dub), John had been a janitor before his job as a voice actor.[citation needed]

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