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Jiya is a Galactic Patrolman and the main protagonist and title character of Jiya.


Jiya is actually a small insect-like alien.




Main article: Jiya Jiya arrives on Earth and to his surprise is a beautiful thriving world which contrasts his comrade Steth's report. Jiya would encounter two humans named Kyuumonji Yukio and Kaede after Kaede's car broke down in the mountains and saved them from bandits. Jiya had come to Earth to investigate a report from his comrade, Steth, and was with the Galactic Patrol. A vampire called Vamp who terrorized Earth with giant flea minions. Jiya borrowed Kyuumonji's body to fit in on Earth while investigating. He also experienced sexual pleasure in Kyuumonji's body, having sex with a hooker whom he had saved from a thug (Kyuumonji later revealed he had been a virgin until then).

Jiya left Kyuumonji's body and went back into his old body, while fighting Vamp's giant fleas. Vamp's giant fleas were revealed to be Mogans from the Planet Kanoi. Jiya realized that Steth had possessed Vamp and had brought the Mogans to wreak havoc on Earth. During Jiya's final battle with Steth, Kyuumonji revived Jiya's suit with Kaede's alcohol while Kaede distracted Steth. Steth left Vamp's body and tried to possess Kyuumonji, but was shot and killed by Kaede. After befriending Kyuumonji Yukio and Kaede, he possess Kyuumonji's body and experiences many things humans do such as eating food and sexual pleasure.

After Jiya defeats Steth, he rode in the back of Kaede's car with Kyuumonji and Kaede as the drove away from the town. Jiya tells them that Steth had come to Earth to find out if it was worth saving, as an asteroid would destroy it in one year. He says that the Galactic King will stop it now that they know it was worth saving. However he states that the Galactic King has been asleep for 9 years during this time.

Dragon Ball Super

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

Jiya and Merus

Merus with what appears to be Jiya

A character who appears to be Jiya appears in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, introducing Merus to Goku and Vegeta.


Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Possession - The technique involves one being forcibly taking over the body of another, acquiring their power and abilities in the process.

Forms and Transformations

Robot Suit




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