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Homeworld Unknown, later Earth
Average Height Much larger than an average Human
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Jigglers are a large rotund species that were introduced to Planet Earth.


The Jiggler species debuted in the original Dragon Ball series with Buyon, a large pink Jiggler kept by General White in the secret floor of his Muscle Tower.

The Jiggler's are revealed to be from a different planet in the computer game Dragon Ball Online. The Dragon Ball Online timeline reveals that during the Planet Trade Organisations attack on Earth in Age 820 they brought many Jigglers along with them to counter the martial artists basic attacks.

By the time of Age 1000, Jigglers had become common on Earth, due to having been introduced to the planet by the Planet Trade Organization.

Notable Jigglers

  • Buyon – The Jiggler kept by General White in the Muscle Tower.


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