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Jigglers,[1] alternatively known as Buyons or Buyon-type aliens,[2] are a large rotund species that were introduced to Planet Earth.


The Jiggler species debuted in the original Dragon Ball series with Buyon, a large pink Jiggler kept by General White in the secret floor of his Muscle Tower. In Age 750, General White dropped the Saiyan survivor Goku and traitorous Android 8 into Buyon's lair within Muscle Tower in order to eliminate them. Buyon proved to be a difficult opponent for the young Saiyan, able to take a direct hit from Goku's Kamehameha without suffering any damage. However Goku eventually discovered Buyon's vulnerability to cold temperatures and used it to defeat him by breaking a hole in the tower's wall allowing the cold air from outside the tower to rush into Buyon's Lair, freezing Buyon solid allowing Goku to shatter him with a single punch, killing him.

The Jigglers are revealed to be from a different planet in the computer game Dragon Ball Online. The Dragon Ball Online timeline reveals that during the Galactic Frieza Army's attack on Earth in Age 820 they brought many Jigglers along with them to counter the martial artists' basic attacks, but are defeated by Goten and Trunks using swords.

By the time of Age 1000, Jigglers had become common on Earth, due to having been introduced to the planet by the Frieza Force. Some of these Jigglers have even adapted to cold temperatures, growing a layer of fur on their bodies.


  • Super Flexible Body - The primary ability of the Jigger species is their fat and flexible bodies which make them resilient to attacks such as the Kamehameha. However in Dragon Ball Online, it is revealed that in addition to cold temperatures, their bodies are vulnerable to sword based techniques.
  • Antenna Beam - An electric beam fired from a Jiggler's antenna. First demonstrated by Buyon during his battle with Goku.
  • Lick Twister - Jigglers have long tongues which they can use to grab prey for consumption. First demonstrated by Buyon when he attempted to eat Android 8.
  • Tail Attack - A technique where the user attacks with their tail. First demonstrated by Buyon during his battle with Goku.

Notable Jigglers

  • Buyon – The Jiggler kept by General White in the Muscle Tower.
  • Gakin (ガキン) - A green palette-swap of Buyon that appears in Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden.
  • Metal Energy Pudding - A boss in CC Dungeon in Online.
  • Shin Don - A boss in Dr. Gero's Laboratory in Online.
  • Nana - A winter event boss in Online, alongside Weiyi.


  • Discounting video games, the Jiggler Buyon is the first alien lifeform (not native to Earth) that Goku ever fought, predating King Piccolo's Demon Clan. It is never explained how Buyon came to Earth or how the Red Ribbon Army acquired such a creature.


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