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"Jheese and Butta" (対決!!ジースとバータ Taiketsu!! Jīsu to Bāta, lit. "Showdown!! Jheese and Butta") is the eighty seventh chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred eighty-first overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter features Goku in the foreground, with Burter and Jeice laughing maniacally in the background.


Goku punches Jeice in the face

Having defeated Recoome, Goku asks if Jeice and Burter will leave now. The pair believe that Recoome's loss was a fluke as Goku's Power Level did not change, and decide to fight. Vegeta believes that they have no chance. Burter and Jeice fly over to Goku and land on opposite sides of him. Jeice begins to tell Goku not to underestimate the Ginyu Force, but Goku punches him in the face before he has finished. Goku then tells an angered Jeice that they (Jeice and Recoome) keep leaving themselves open.

Jeice and Burter then attack with a kick and an elbow respectively, but Goku blocks both. He knees Jeice and sweeps Burter's legs, and the pair quickly move back. Goku then blasts them farther back with a powerful Kiai. Krillin and Gohan wonder how he can handle such powerful opponents with ease. Jeice is confused because his scouter still reads only 5,000 for Goku. Vegeta realizes that Goku raises his power level only at the moment of attack, and angrily wonders how he got enough power for such control.

Annoyed, Jeice and Burter decide to have Jeice use his Crusher Ball technique, then have Burter hit Goku when he dodges. However, their plan is thwarted when Goku deflects the blast instead of dodging, much to their surprise. Burter manages to dodge the deflected blast, but Goku appears behind him, much to the horror of Jeice.







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