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Jet Squirrel (ジェットモモンガ Jetto Momonga) is the hover-vehicle Yamcha and Puar rode in Diablo Desert. It resembles a snow mobile or a jetski, with the obvious exception that it hovers.


Akira Toriyama reused the design of the vehicle Pink uses in the manga and movie Pink for the Jet Squirrel.[1] The English name of the vehicle is an adaptation of the original Japanese name, Momonga meaning "flying squirrel" in Japanese.


Hasky riding her Jet Momonga

Yamcha and Puar uses the Jet Squirrel when they first meet Goku, Oolong, and Bulma. They are also seen riding it in the intro credits of Dragon Ball and in the movies Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies and Dragon Ball: The Path to Power.

The filler character, master thief Hasky, uses a pink Jet Squirrel.

Patrol 15 using vehicles similar to the Jet Squirrel

Patrol 15 of Earth's Military uses similar vehicles to patrol the forest where they encounter Piccolo Jr.

An action figure of a Super Saiyan Teen Gohan comes with a Jet Squirrel labeled by its Japanese name "Jet Momonga". The Jet Momonga can be used as a vehicle in the MMORPG Dragon Ball Online. It also appears in Dragon Ball: Origins.