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This article is about Oolong's ex-comrade. For the enemy who goes by this name in Dragon Ball Z: Kyōshū! Saiyan, see Ginger.

Jasmine (ジャスミン Jasumin) is an anthropomorphic pig who lives in Octagon Village.


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Piccolo Jr. Saga

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Jasmine and Oonaan

Jasmine is seen laying on a table when Goku arrives in Octagon Village, and Goku sees who he thinks is Oolong. Goku then tries to tell "Oolong" it's him, to which the pig doesn't recognize him and asks him who Oolong is. At first, Goku doesn't believe him and thinks he's joking. Soon, his comrade Oonaan comes out of a house, causing Goku to be surprised to see 2 Oolongs. Oonaan then tells him that neither of them are Oolong. Later, both of them finally recognize the name Oolong, saying he got expelled from Kindergarten for kidnapping a teacher.

Goku then goes to search for the Bansho Fan and leaves Fortuneteller Baba and Chi-Chi behind to stay at the Bansho Spa. Jasmine and Oonaan guide them to the spa and hide on the side of the shack, peeking through a hole in the wall waiting for Chi-Chi to strip down and take a bath. Unfortunately, a crowd of other pigs come as well to watch and end up breaking the shack, causing Chi-Chi to stop undressing and panic. Chi-Chi gets mad and hits both of them.

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  • Like his comrades Oolong and Oonaan, Jasmine is named after a type of tea.


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