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Isaza (イサザ Isaza) is a protagonist in Akira Toriyama's Kajika manga. He also makes a cameo in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission.



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Isaza after Kajika destroyed his plane

Isaza is a world-famous assassin, and a member of the Kawa tribe. When he was a kid, Isaza and his mother were banished from the village because his father was not a Kawa, forcing them to live in the desert. This allowed Isaza to escape the terrible extinction of the Kawa in a volcanic eruption four years before the events of Kajika, and he eventually became a highly skilled assassin-for-hire.

The world-famous Isaza is hired by Gibachi to retrieve a dragon egg and defeat Kajika. He asks Gibachi 100,000,000 Dons for this job, but Gibachi secretly decides that he will kill Isaza once he gets tremendous power from drinking dragon blood. Kajika sees Isaza's airplane while in the desertic area and destroys it with a Kiai after hearing that Isaza wanted the Dragon Egg. In the nearby village, Isaza meets Donko, who tells him that Kajika left the village.

Kajika vs. Isaza

Thanks to Donko, Isaza finds Kajika in the desert. Kajika is an extremely strong boy, but it is also revealed that being turned into a fox-man is holding down his true Kawa powers. After their first confrontation, Isaza knocks Kajika out and gets the dragon egg. While walking in the desert, he meets Donko again and Donko decides to repair Isaza's plane. He then steals the egg and brings it back to Kajika. When the egg finally hatches, Gibachi's men manage to wound the young dragon and Gibachi drinks its blood, which turns him into a powerful dragon-man. Kajika and Isaza face the transformed Gibachi. Kajika saves one final life form when he heals the wounded dragon giving it a Kawa pill during the battle, which allows him to go back to being a regular boy and defeat Gibachi. After this, Isaza gives his airplane to Donko in exchange for Donko to drive him to the hospital.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission

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Isaza in Victory Mission

Isaza and Kajika appear in the fourth chapter of Victory Mission, in the Heroes Stadium in Satan Mall. They are contestants and opponents in the Dragon Ball Heroes tournament.


  • Isaza bears a resemblance to General Blue, but with sideburns and an altered hairstyle as a differential factor.


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