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Iru's race is a race of eel-like humanoids who serve in the Frieza Force. The most prominent member of this race was Iru, who was the first character in the franchise history to fight Future Trunks.


King Cold's pilot who sits near the Captain in King Cold's Spaceship looks much like Iru, except being in more blueish color than Iru's green. Another member of this race (purple in color) seems to be standing in front of King Cold, when the latter causes the ship's window to explode and to some of his men to fall into the void of space near Planet Namek's remains.

Iru is an enemy in Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzōningen. Additionally, he gets two color edits that appear as separate and weaker enemies in the game: the purple Eire (エイル) and the orange Okuto (オクトー).

In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, soldiers from this race can be seen working under Sorbet, and later, as part of Frieza's 1,000 henchmen who came with him to Earth, where they fight and lose to the Dragon Team.


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