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InoShikaCho (イノシカチョウ Inoshikachō, lit. "Boar–Deer–Butterfly") is a monster that terrorized villages.


InoShikaCho is part wild boar, part butterfly, and part deer.


Dragon Ball

Tien Shinhan Saga

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Baby InoShikaCho with a young Master Shen and Roshi

InoShikaCho was raised by Master Roshi's former friend, Master Shen, but as it got older and larger it became more aggressive. Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu also knew the InoShikaCho when it was a baby.[1] [2]

InoShikaCho was first defeated by Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu (although their names were not revealed at that point); however Goku soon discovered that this was all an act and that the three of them were working together — InoShikaCho would begin a village rampage and then Tien and Chiaotzu would pretend to defeat it in order to reap the rewards from the grateful villagers. Goku exposed the plot the second time they tried it, by tickling the 'corpse' to prove that the creature is still alive. When Tien turned this around by planting fire beneath the creature, who was tied up, to prove that Goku was in on the plot, the ever-compassionate boy rescued the creature, and, in turn, InoShikaCho protected him from the angered villagers who had fallen for Tien's ploy.

Eventually, everyone realized the truth, and once Goku persuaded InoShikaCho to apologize, the creature was looked after by a young village girl who affectionately calls him 'Ino'. InoShikaCho remains Goku's friend and training partner (according to FUNimation's narrator) and has since stayed in the village to help sow the soil.

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  • The name is a reference to a card combination in the Hanafuda card game, Koi-Koi; InoShikaCho uses the Boar (Ino), the Deer (Shika), and the Butterfly (Cho).



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