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The Imeckian Army is one of the two factions under the control of Don Kee on the planet Imecka, the other being the police.


Imeckian soldiers near one of their vehicles

Don Kee uses the Imeckian Army to take away valuable parts from Imeckians' homes if the residents can not pay the incredibly high taxes forced upon them. For this task, the soldiers are helped by Pusherbots. Many members of the army guard the ship scrapyard, where parts of ships that are too ugly/non functional for sale are taken for scrap and sold. While Trunks, Goku and Pan are in the city after they had landed on Imecka, the soldiers take their Grand Tour Spaceship to.

One of Don Kee's soldiers with his ray gun in hand while Trunks attacks him

The Imeckian Army's soldiers ranged in races, some soldiers having different features than others. Most of the soldiers wear large green helmets with large blue orbs on both sides, and a green chest outfit with light brown arm and leg covers. They all usually carry large ray gun and other military equipment.

Video Game Appearances

Imeckan Troopers (in green) and Imeckan Soldiers (in blue) are enemies on Imecka in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation.


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