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An imaginary battle: Future Trunks vs. Goku Black

Image Training or Mental Simulation Training[1] is a specialized form of training in the Dragon Ball series.


Future Trunks with his eyes closed while Image Training

When Image Training, the fighter involved closes their eyes and pictures a foe, the fighter then imagines themself combating against the imaginary foe. This allows the fighter to determine how an actual battle against said foe would play out.

Image Training is very useful, as it allows one to gain combat experience and come up with new strategies. Because of this, it allows one to train practically anywhere, even in places that are not ideal for standard physical trading, such as confined spaces (such as Frieza’s cocoon in Earth's Hell) or in an area that would otherwise prohibit a normal training regimen (such as the Nameless Namek's Spaceship).

Two fighters can participate in image training together by linking their minds. This allows them to spar with one another.


Krillin using Tri-Form and Kamehameha during his mental battle with Gohan

In Dragon Ball Z, on the way to Planet Namek, Krillin and Gohan undergo image training against each other, with Gohan emerging the victor.

In Dragon Ball Super, in the manga, Goku undergoes image training in his radish field prior to Beerus' arrival. He faces final form Frieza and defeats him with one blow as a Super Saiyan. He then faces Perfect Cell and quickly defeats him. He prepares to face off against Kid Buu, but the training is interrupted before he can.

In both the manga and anime, after his death during his attempted revenge, Frieza underwent image training while in Earth's Hell, battling and killing Goku and the other Z Fighters thousands of times. Frieza's power and energy control increased greatly thanks to this.

In the anime, after returning to the present, Future Trunks underwent image training against Goku Black but was unable to defeat him in any of the sessions. Shu demonstrates an awareness of image training giving a brief explanation of it to Mai as he and her observed Future Trunks' image training.

In the anime, in order to work out how well Krillin would do in the Tournament of Power, Gohan and Goku underwent an image battle against each other with one acting as Krillin and the other as Basil.

Video Game Appearances


  • In Kakarot, it is established that after marrying Chi-Chi and fathering Gohan, Goku would perform image training every now and then to ensure he doesn't get rusty.
  • In Kakarot, Krillin explains how Image Training works to Gohan before the trip to Namek. According to Krillin, the pair must match their Ki levels and then focus on creating a mental image of the person they wish to spar with. Both participants must focus properly to create the proper image as losing focus can cause them to produce the wrong image.