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Illusion is a special technique utilized by several characters.


According to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, during the training in preparation for the Saiyan attack, Piccolo did not actually destroy the moon, but instead created an illusion of it's destruction in order to have Gohan revert from his Great Ape form. (The moon was still absent in later chapters, which led to Vegeta having to use a Power Ball to turn into a Great Ape despite having arrived at what was supposed to be a full-moon night).[2]

Princess Snake uses hallucinations to capture her prey, at one point casting an illusion on Goku so that he would believe he was still in her palace when he was actually in her stomach.

When Goku and Vegeta entered Super Buu's body, Buu retaliated by creating illusory copies of the fighters he previously absorbed, which are just as powerful as the originals.

In the Tournament of Power, Dercori utilized illusions via her Mystic Talisman in her battle with Master Roshi, with 129 possible illusions in her arsenal. Xiangca used his Ultrasonic Exchange to create mirages of the erased fighters against Universe 7.

Moro utilized Illusion clones of himself during the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, first when draining New Namek's energy and then again against Ultra Instinct Sign Goku. After gaining Perfected Ultra Instinct himself from copying Merus, Moro's illusions became better than before, capable of fooling Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku.


  • Afterimage Sorcery - A magic version of the Afterimage Strike called Afterimage Sorcery (残像 魔術, Zanzō Majutsu).[3] Dabura first used it against Gohan when he dodged his Evil Flame. Moro used a far more advanced version of it later on, with his illusion clones being far more realistic and seemingly possessing a ki signature.
  • Ultrasonic Exchange[1] - Xiangca sends red beams out of his cheeks creating a red dome around his opponents. Inside the dome he creates mirages to try and trick his opponents.


  • Piccolo's destruction of the moon being described as an illusion in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot mirrors the way Roshi used Hypnosis to revert the Man-Wolf's transformation by making him believe he saw the moon in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. Though a Saiyan's transformation into a Great Ape is induced by the Blutz Waves emanating from the full moon, rather than by seeing the moon itself.